Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

For some people think love handles are sexy and adorable, for others the view is not the same. Many women, in fact, want to see these little buoys vanish from their bodies and do everything they can to get rid of them. So, what exercises are right for losing love handles?

A quick reminder: what are love handles?

The beads that protrude above your jeans are the love handles. They apply to the areas above the hips that accumulate fat. They are usually created as a consequence of excessive eating or an excessive sedentary lifestyle.

Thus, with the exception of a balanced diet, various physical workouts and supplements to improve the reduction of centimeters, such as clothes and slimming therapies, there are no 36 solutions to remove them. These will help you lose calories and remove as much fat as possible from your hips and belly. Here are the top 5 Lose Love Handles exercises!

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

The burpees

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

Commonly referred to as the jumping frog, the muscles of the abs, glutes, arms, thighs and chest are employed by frogs. Furthermore, this workout is of great help in burning the fat on the love handles. It is, therefore, necessary to hop many times while taking the place of a frog. Do 10 burpees, take a break of 1 minute and repeat it 3 times.

The russian twist

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

The Russian twist is perfect for reaching the places where the love handles are found, focusing on the exercise of the abdominal belt and obliques. The Russian twist, unlike other exercises, does not work specifically to remove fat. This exercise will help refine and tone the muscles in your waist.

You need to sit on the floor with your legs bent to start this exercise. And, to increase the speed of the exercise, an item such as a dumbbell or a bottle of water must be carried in. However, the use of a heavy object or the risk of damaging the spine is not appropriate, So, to do the same motions as the oblique abdominals, start taking the object in your hands and moving your shoulders from left to right. It is important to stress that to contract the abdominal muscles and feel them working, the movements must be done slowly. Up to 20 moves, try executing.

The mountain climber

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

One of the types of exercises that can be quickly performed at home to remove the love handles is the mountain climber. This workout mainly targets the body's oblique abdominals and includes aerobic work.

For regulars, it is a straightforward strength training workout, but somewhat complex for beginners. It helps, however, to refine the hips and recover a lovely silhouette. All you have to do is position yourself on the ground with your legs and arms extended in the plank position. The action consists of bringing the opposite shoulder back to the knee. To get results, you need to do several movements in 45 seconds. 2-3 series with a 1-minute break between one series and the next can be achieved.

Abdominal bike

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

With bike abs, the entire abdominal muscles are targeted directly. Those who conduct this exercise have experienced a very muscular belly as a result.

As it is enough to lie flat on the back with the arms behind the butt, the idea of bicycle abs remains easy to assimilate. For the legs, before starting to pedal like on a bicycle, you need to position them at right angles. Thanks to a 60 second series, without going to the gym, it is easy to eliminate the love handles. However, if you are looking for fast results, the serial number will need to grow every day.

The side plank

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Love Handles

The oblique coating, also known as a side board, is often an exercise in losing love handles. In order to gradually strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and recover the waist of a wasp, you may select this exercise. The complex version for this time is the one you have to learn. Exercise to do weight training in 45 seconds, consciously focusing on love handles.

First, with your elbow resting on your side, you should begin by lying on your side. Second, for 45 seconds, lift your hips and then lower down slowly. Repeating on either side of this motion removes excess fat on the hips.

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