6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms


6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

The Latin term "triceps" refers to the three-headed arm muscle that bears that name. The long head, medial head, and lateral head are exactly what you'll find in the triceps. One tendon connects to the bony portion of your elbow from each muscle "head" that originates from the upper arm

The primary function of the triceps is to extend the forearms and to achieve this, they must cooperate with the biceps. The triceps assist in bringing the forearm back to its extended position while the biceps assist in pulling the forearm bones closer to the upper body.

The 6 Best Tricep Exercises for Mass

Skull Crusher

6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

The skull crusher exercise, also known as the lying triceps extension, should be at the top of your list if you're after huge triceps. The three heads of the triceps brachii are targeted with this triceps workout, which is often done with a barbell or an EZ bar.

Before powerfully extending your arms and keeping your triceps engaged throughout the exercise, concentrate on the slow eccentric movement.

Cable Triceps Pushdown

6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

The cable machine may be used for more than simply bicep workouts; by placing the attachment higher on the frame, a variety of cable tricep extension exercises can be done.

The Cable Tricep Pushdown with the straight bar attachment targets the three heads of the triceps while aiding in isolating the triceps brachii.

Before advancing to more difficult exercises, beginners should start with the cable extension to improve their muscular conditioning and strength.

Experienced lifters can also benefit from the cable system by using various tricep extension attachments, including single-arm triceps exercises, to isolate key triceps areas.

Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

By extending the arm above the head to stretch the long head of the muscle and emphasize the contraction, this exercise offers a special approach to isolating the tricep.

For this elevator, you must check your ego at the door. You can only transfer a certain amount of weight with the single-arm overhead extension, but this doesn't lessen its efficacy. As your strength and stability develop, start light and work your way up.

You may rest guaranteed that this is one of the top triceps dumbbell exercises for isolating and working the three heads of the muscle.


6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

Set yourself up on the dip bar with your feet slightly in front of you and your arms fully extended to conduct a bodyweight dip. Breaking at the elbows with a forward torso lean, lower yourself gently while maintaining a firm core and pulled-back shoulders. Push yourself back up and flex your triceps to finish. Lower yourself as low as you can without straining the front of your shoulders.

Triceps Kickback

6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

With a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your legs bent and lean forward slightly. While maintaining a straight back, bend the elbow of the arm carrying the dumbbell so that your triceps and biceps are perpendicular to the floor. As you attempt to straighten your arm, contract your triceps and core and hinge at the elbow to lift the dumbbell up and back. Only your elbow should move; your triceps should remain stationary. Lift the weight until your arm is straight, then hold for a moment before lowering it back to 90 degrees.

Close Grip Bench Press

6 Best Tricep Excercises for Muscular Arms

A common chest and triceps workout is the close-grip bench press. The key distinction between this exercise and a regular bench press is the tighter positioning of the hands and elbows, which emphasizes the triceps more. The close-grip bench press is frequently used as a triceps builder during arm training or as an accessory movement for the traditional bench press. It can be trained in low reps for strength or higher reps for muscle or strength endurance, similar to the bench press.

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