6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

Many people take to the bicep curl in the hope of gaining arm muscle. Unfortunately, many of them do not find any convincing results, particularly because of inadequate or ineffective methods, inadequate nutrition, or even a lack of supplementation. Some even endure hours of training only to earn minimal or no gains in the end.

Through this article, the different muscles of the arm and 6 exercises aimed at achieving your goal of mass gain, will be analyzed.

Anatomy Of The Upper Arm

Informing yourself and knowing the muscles you want to strengthen and develop, all this added to their functions take precedence before building Herculean arms.

Generally speaking, two major muscle groups make up the upper part of your arm. These are :

- The Biceps are structured by the long outer portion and the short inner portion. They represent 1/3 of the upper part of the arm.

- The Triceps as for them, is formed of 3 portions namely the long one, the short one, and that, median.

They symbolize 2/3 of the arm. This precisely contradicts the theory that big biceps are synonymous with big arms.

Therefore, exercises specific to each muscle must be implemented to achieve significant growth in your arms.

So be aware that killing yourself by doing endless curls is not the most effective strategy. Instead, focus on gaining strength in your triceps.

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

Here are three exercises suitable for working your triceps and then three others for working your biceps:

Triceps Dips

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

It is advisable to perform this exercise on a bench or an aerobic step for beginners who are still in the PTO stage.

To do it correctly, this exercise requires that you use your full body weight as much as possible since it is a very heavy load. In this way, the muscle instinctively works very hard. Suddenly, the more it works, the more fibers will be used. So you will gain in growth.

This exercise, known as the King of Triceps Builders, allows you to engage all three muscle groups at the same time. Which is better than any isolation exercise.

In addition, for those who have already acquired a certain strength in the arms, choose the parallel bars directly on the assisted pull-up or dips machine. A load of about 2/3 your weight would be ideal for a beginner on an assisted machine to do fine dips. But, as you master the movement, you can first readjust your load.

As long as you choose the machine, here are a few steps to help you use it properly:

- Hang your arms down on each side, then grip the parallel bars with your thumbs facing inward.

- Find a good position for your wrists to allow your elbows to lean back without too much difficulty while staying in line with the forearms.

- On an assisted machine, put your knees on the platform. Then, gently descend and contract your triceps, bringing your biceps and forearm in contact.

3 sets of 8-10 reps will be fine for beginners while 5 sets of 10 would be strongly encouraged as you build up your endurance level.

As your strength improves, you can add weight to your workouts by wearing a weight belt or holding a dumbbell between your legs.

Triceps Rope Push-down

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

To give the muscle its "horseshoe" shape, the triceps pulling rope is ideal.

While utilising a straight bar or a V bar takes a bit more weight, the rope isolates the muscle better and allows it to contract optimally. However, it does not require too much load or too much weight. This type of exercise, on a pulley machine, works the lateral and middle part of your triceps.

To do it decently, follow these steps:

- Maintain your posture while standing with your upper torso leaning slightly forward, then grip either side of the rope with your palms facing each other and inhale deeply.

- Then, while keeping the triceps contracted, spread the rope by pulling it down until your wrists reach your thighs.

- Once your arms are fully extended, move your wrists away from your body as much as possible to contract your triceps.

- Maintain your position then block with each repetition.

- Finally, 2 seconds after maintaining this position, you can relax by gently raising the rope to its initial position and finish with a deep breath while your arms are also coming up.

Starting with 5 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions is a good place to start.

Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

Working the triceps well involves, above all, working the long end of the triceps well.

To extend the triceps, performing overhead movements using a dumbbell is ideal.

Using both hands to add heft to the arms would be ideal for this. You can utilise more weight and maintain a stretch on the eccentric portion of the action this way. However, this type of exercise works whether you are sitting or standing; elbows pointing out or facing you. Except that pointing your elbows in front of you will increase the stretch in your triceps.

Follow the steps below to achieve them well:

- To begin, widen your feet to the same width as your shoulders. Then hold the dumbbell with both hands and extend your arm to bring it over your head.

- Then position the dumbbell between your hands so that your thumbs can reach the end of the bar. Now get ready to inhale to perform the next move

- Orient your elbows inward, then begin lowering the dumbbell to the floor until your forearms touch your biceps.

- Finally, repeat the movement by slowly raising the dumbbell to its initial position while breathing and squeezing your triceps.

3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions are possible.

Preacher Curl

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

This is the best isolation exercise for the biceps because it works the long end of the biceps, creates the peak of the biceps making your arm look bigger.

Cheating with this exercise is next to impossible since it requires strength. The principle is to use moderate loads, to lift the barbell, dumbbells or a pulley with concentration and to contract at the peak of the movement. However, it is recommended that you use a wide grip for short end work and a tight grip for the long end.

It can be performed both on a curl desk and on a bench in an inclined position.

Now let's see how to do it:

- Press your torso firmly on the desk and rest your arms there, your palms facing forward and your arms pointing slightly towards you because of the shape of the bar.

- Hold your chest and arms firmly, then complete your starting position by holding the load at shoulder length.

- Inhale and feel a strong bicep stretch as you descend your arms until you reach maximum or sufficient extension.

- After that, you can breathe out and then contract your biceps. For this, you have to raise the weight to its original position and maintain this position for 2 seconds.

The exercise is performed in three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Reverse Cable Curl

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

This exercise stimulates the brachialis. These are muscles that are located between the biceps and triceps on the outside of the arm. By working them out and making them bigger, you push the biceps upwards and your arm size will increase afterward.

Because this exercise necessitates a slow eccentric phase to obtain substantial increases, it can be done with a simple pulley curl, reversed grip, without requiring huge loads.

To achieve this, use a low pulley with a straight bar or EZ bar attachment to exert consistent cable resistance, keeping your biceps under stress.

The steps to follow are below:

- Standing with a straight torso, hold the bar in front of you, palms down, with a shoulder-width grip.

- Keep your upper arms straight and your elbows close to your torso. Raise the bar towards your head while exhaling, then contract the biceps at shoulder level while moving only the forearms.

- Stay in this position for a second or two.

- Finally, slowly release the bar by going down with a movement for 3 to 4 seconds. Then do the repetitions.

This exercise is done in 5 series of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

6 Best Exercises For Strengthening Your Arms

This is the last big arm shaping exercise in which your palms will be turned inward while remaining still and not forward as in traditional curls.

To overload the biceps, use heavy loads, heavier weights to exercise the brachioradialis as the biceps simultaneously and thus obtain the best possible results.

However, initially start with lighter weights to make correct movements.

The steps to follow are below:

- Standing with a firm trunk and straight back, hold a dumbbell in each hand and align your arms with your body, palms facing in.

- While keeping the upper arm close to your body, exhale and contract the biceps, then raise the dumbbell so that it is level with the shoulders.

- Immobilize your forearms to stay focused on the biceps and hold this position for a moment.

- Lower the weights back to their initial position after releasing the contraction. Finally, do the repetition.

It is advisable to vary your movements for more results by using a bench to support your back more; also use one hand for more focus.

3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions will be fine for this exercise.

There you are, now you can reproduce these exercises correctly. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to perform them every week for a more satisfying result.

Remember to exercise the rest of your body for consistency.

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