5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

Your arms seem too weak to you and you are looking for an effective weight training method to have muscular arms? The Strong Muscle Coach has what you need, providing you with a tailored strength training program that includes effective body weight exercises. Discover 5 unstoppable exercises to have drawn arms, that your Strong Muscle method will offer you.

Which Areas of the Arm to Strengthen?

When you think of muscular arms, you immediately visualize big biceps. It has two separate insertions, with one part called the short biceps and another called the long biceps. As you develop it, you gain strength and get a "big arm" effect, but it often overshadows another muscle, which is very important if you want to display muscular arms: the triceps. Posterior muscle of the arm, it gives this sculpted appearance. Abandoned, it is responsible for the "hanging skin" effect under the arm.

Including exercises that strengthen both biceps and triceps in your exercise routine is essential for strong arms. The Focus Bras present in your Strong Muscle bodybuilding program is an excellent complement to accelerate the muscular development of your arms. It includes effective exercises to have strong arms. Do it after your session or on your day off, it only lasts 5 minutes.

Strictly respect your Strong Muscle training plan, which includes recovery days. Your muscles develop when you rest. There are many mistakes that prevent you from gaining muscle: not resting is one of them. Your muscle fatigue gets worse and your muscle fibers break without having time to regenerate. Also take care of your diet. 80% of your results depend on your diet. Follow the advice of the Strong muscle nutritional guide and make recipes adapted to your weight gain goal to obtain results from 6 weeks.

 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

Perform 5 exercises to see your arms swollen. You will be surprised at their efficiency


5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

Push-ups are an essential strength training exercise, because they guarantee a complete strengthening of the upper body. The real bonus with this exercise is that it does not require any equipment: you can do it wherever you are, in complete freedom. The pumps target several areas such as the triceps, the pectorals, the serratus anterior or the deltoids. Opt for the diamond pump capable of sculpting triceps like never before. Be sure to stay tight while doing the exercise so you don't arch your back. There are many variations available in your Strong Muscle program, to bring variety to training and target different parts of the upper body.


5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

Develop your biceps with Chin-ups. You gain power and strength. Your biceps are shaping up harmoniously. Chin-ups also help strengthen forearm muscles such as the long supinators. To have muscular arms, it is important not to neglect any muscle area. The Focus Back allows you to perform different traction exercises to work your back muscles as well as your arms.


5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

Polyarticular weight training exercise, dips actively strengthen your triceps and the lower part of your pectorals. In addition to getting concrete arms, your torso is gradually sculpting. Like the push-ups, it is an essential and very simple exercise to perform. Get yourself a chair, a table ledge, a sofa armrest and you're good to go! You don't have to flex your arms too much to feel their effectiveness.

Hammer Curl

5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

Using hammer-style dumbbell curls will give you bigger biceps and a better grip, to name a couple of advantages. Curls are well-known for strengthening your biceps, but the hammer curl version strengthens other parts of your arm as well.

Dumbbell hammer curls are simple to do and only require a rudimentary understanding of how your arms move. To begin, stand up and grab a pair of dumbbells, twisting your hands inward until the palms of your hands are parallel to one another. Curls are done by gently pressing your elbows against your sides and then flexing at the elbow.

Cable Push Down

5 Effective Exercises to Have Muscular Arms

If we go back to the golden age of bodybuilding, this was the main exercise, and guess what, it is still the most famous Triceps exercise today. Because it is an isolation exercise, it activates the lateral head of the triceps. It is important to go up slowly to avoid sudden movement on your elbows, and squeeze the triceps as you go down.

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