7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Dumbbell exercises are an effective way to strengthen and define the abdominal muscles. We present you seven exercises that you can do with weights to strengthen your midsection and bring variety to your training.

Bringing variety to the workouts

Deadweight exercises such as sit-ups and planks are ideal for strengthening the trunk and strengthening the middle of the body. But if you want to develop defined abdominal muscles, you can hardly avoid exercises with weights. Dumbbells are made for this! If used correctly, your abdominal muscles will be used much more intensively during targeted dumbbell workouts than during self-weight exercises.

An additional advantage: dumbbell exercises add variety to your training plan. This is good for your motivation and increases the anticipation of the workout. This is crucial for visible training success. Because let's be honest: Who hasn't stopped their workout a little earlier because there was simply no motivation left for the ten thousandth set of crunches?

The 7 Best Dumbbell Exercises for a Toned, Defined Belly

Even with small dumbbells or aerobic weights, you can get your abdominal training going and achieve visible success quickly. You can already get complete dumbbell sets for less than 20 euros, such as the Umi-Fitenss dumbbells in a set of 1 kilogram to 10 kilograms. The set of 2 by Proiron with 3 kilograms per dumbbell is perfect for beginners and activates the abdominal muscles intensively.

1. Side bends with weight

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Here's how it works:

The starting position is the shoulder width stand.

Take a dumbbell in your right hand.

The arm with the dumbbell hangs straight down on the side of the body.

On the dumbbell side, bend sideways with the upper body to such an extent that the dumbbell is approximately at knee level.

Tighten the middle of the body and straighten the upper body to the side again.

Repeat the exercise ten times, and then change sides.

During the exercise, the lateral abdominal muscles are mainly trained. To increase the radius of movement of the exercise, you can also slightly overstretch when straightening and lift the dumbbell up to the level of the upper hip.

2. Bicycle kicks with dumbbell

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Here's how it works:

You can reach the starting position of the exercise by the extended supine position.

You will need a dumbbell for the exercise.

Raise both legs stretched from the floor.

Alternately pull one knee towards the chest, while keeping the other leg stretched out in the air.

While you are doing the typical bicycle riding movement with your legs, extend the dumbbell from the outside through the legs to the inside.

In doing so, you need to slightly straighten your upper body.

During the exercise, the abdominal muscles are under constant tension. Due to the weight of the dumbbell, extra activation is provided. The front shoulder muscles also get a lot out of the exercise. At the same time, the workout promotes coordination.

3. Twisted Dumbbell Lifter

Here's how it works:

The starting position is the shoulder width stand.

You are holding a dumbbell with both hands. To do this, grab the dumbbell by the weight heads.

Bend your knees slightly and bring the dumbbell to knee level.

You slightly turn in the upper body when squatting. The dumbbell is located on the outside of the right knee.

Straighten up with your arms outstretched, while turning your torso to the left.

The straightening and turning is a fluid movement that ends with the dumbbell stretched out in front of the chest and the upper body turned in.

Repeat the dynamic exercise ten times, and then switch sides.

This dumbbell exercise is a full-body exercise in which, in addition to the abdominal muscles, the thigh muscles, the shoulder muscles and chest muscles are also activated.

4. Leaning Camel with dumbbell

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Here's how it works:

Get down on your knees at the beginning of the exercise. Her upper body is straight, her gaze is directed forward.

Grasp the dumbbell with both hands and hold it right in front of your chest.

Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly lean back.

The movement is done from the legs, do not overstretch your lower back.

Hold the reclined position for a few seconds and lean forward again until you reach the starting position.

During the exercise, the entire musculature at the front of your body is stretched and activated. In addition to the core muscles, the thighs also get a little off the training.

5. Folding knife with dumbbell

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Here's how it works:

You are in the supine position. Her left leg is bent.

You hold a dumbbell in each hand. Her arms are just stretched out to the back.

At the same time, lead both dumbbells with outstretched arms to a position vertically above your chest.

While your arms are moving towards your chest, lift your right leg up, stretched out, until it is perpendicular to the ceiling.

At the same time, lower your arms and leg back to the floor to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

In order to perform the slow and controlled folding knife movement, your abdominal muscles have to work hard and are under tension almost all the time. At the same time, you also train the shoulder and chest muscles during the exercise.

6. Russian twist with dumbbell

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Here's how it works:

Sit on the floor with your legs slightly bent.

Hold a dumbbell or two dumbbells in your hands in front of the trunk.

First, turn your upper body to the right. The dumbbells follow the movement of the upper body.

Now turn completely to the left. Again, the dumbbells follow the movement of the chest.

For more balance, press the feet firmly into the ground during the twists.

The Russian Twist is a classic fitness exercise that you can do even without dumbbells. During the rotational movements, the lateral abdominal muscles are activated in particular.

7. Shadow boxing with dumbbell

7 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for Core Workouts

Here's how it works:

Stand up hip-width apart. Now put your right leg about a meter forward.

Her chest and toes point straight forward. Hands with dumbbells hold them in front of the chest.

Now strike straight forward with your left hand. In doing so, lower your left knee to the floor.

Straighten up again and repeat the stroke with knee lowering ten times.

Now change the delivery and put the left leg in front of the right one. Also on this side, repeat the striking movement ten times.

During shadow boxing, the abdominal muscles are constantly strained. The deep abdominal muscles are also activated to support the weights stretched out in front of the body. By the way, the front shoulders, the pectoral muscles and the triceps are strengthened. If you also take a lunge after each stroke, you train your legs directly.

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