The 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Bench Press

The 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Bench Press

Bench press is one of the most popular exercises in the fitness scene. However, many things are also done wrong during this exercise and certain possibilities are not used – the result is wasted potential. We would like to summarize the best tips for improving your bench press in this article!

 5 Ways To Increase Your Bench Press

1. It's Not About The Speed

The 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Bench Press

Many athletes train as if they just want to finish quickly, but they really just want results. However, these results would be much better if the speed of the executions were not so high. The load time of the muscle fibers is often too short and thus potential is wasted. Especially in the bench press or bicep curls, you can always see athletes who complete extremely fast executions. The muscle is less heavily loaded if the execution is too fast, the embodiment is worsened and the exercise volume is often also not higher than 70%. If you want to improve your bench press, then do the bench press really conscientiously! If you are unsure, then try to take a 1-second break at the hardest point of the exercise, just above your chest, so you will perform the exercise in a much more controlled manner overall.

2. Your 'Ego" Has Not Lost Anything Here

You should leave your ego problems at home or drop them off in front of the gym. The ego problem often leads to the use of working weights that are much too heavy. Too heavy weights negatively affect your execution and often put a strain on your shoulder joints. Due to too heavy weights, you will quickly stagnate and wonder why it just does not go forward anymore. The correct reaction to this problem - to reduce the working weight in order to "restart", so to speak, again. Try to really concentrate on the essentials during the sport and choose the weights sensibly, so you will also get ahead in the bench press again!

3. Technique, Technique, Technique

The 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Bench Press

The Technique – and yes, of course, the Technique is one of the most important points. It is not for nothing that the importance of the training technique is mentioned again and again. If you really want to improve your bench press, then the way to improve your technique will probably be the most sensible one! In our article archive you will find many exercises, with tips, mistakes and much more – feel free to drop by!

4. Set New Charms

Setting new stimuli can make all the difference. The musculature must necessarily receive new stimuli after a monotonous training for months. It's not about turning your whole training system upside down, as long as it works. We recommend that you incorporate individual exercises separately or introduce and / or change movement sequences and variations of exercises. This is not only about variations of the exercise "bench press" but also about using other exercises and thus setting new stimuli!

5. Strengthen The Shoulder Girdle

The 5 Best Tips To Improve Your Bench Press

The shoulder girdle can have a strong influence on your bench press performance. If you are stable on the bench, can strongly tense your upper back, have a certain strength in the shoulder muscles and the upper chest also has a certain strength, you will be able to perform the bench press very effectively. Strength serve the entire shoulder girdle and also improve your performance in the bench press and the efficiency in the execution!

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