The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Many lifters who want to increase bulk frequently list bigger biceps and triceps as a goal. While having large arms may not necessarily increase your lifting capacity, they can certainly help you when pressing and pulling heavy objects.

So what exercises are the greatest for bulking up the arms? It is advised to incorporate a variety of motions, including pull-ups, dips, barbell curls, and dumbbell curls, which cover the entire rep range, when trying to develop bigger biceps and triceps during a bulking process (6-20 reps). For optimum growth, exercises should be spread out over a couple of days.

Full Arms Workout For Mass

Triceps Workout

Overhead Barbell Extension

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Hold the EZ curl bar above your head with your arms extended. Lower the bar behind the head, until you feel a full tricep stretch. Breathe out and push the bar upwards until is fully extended.

Seated Dip

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Align two benches approximately 4 feet apart. Place hands on one side & heels on the other. Keep your chest upright & lower your butt down, while bending at the elbows, keep going until your triceps are stretched. Breathe out & extend your arms until fully straight.

Dumbbell Kick Back

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Place one hand & leg on the bench & with the other hold dumbbell by side at a 90-degree angle. Breathe out & extended your arm until straight. Return the dumbbell to starting position & repeat on both sides of the body.

Biceps Workout

Cable Curl

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Attach a straight bar to the cable station & set the pulley to a low position on the bar. Keep your chest upright & shoulders back. Your elbows should be slightly forward, breathe out & lift the bar directly upwards, stopping on it passes your chest. Hold once your bicep is fully engaged for 1 second. Lower the bar down slowly, not fully but just before the full stretch creates the contraction!

Crucifix Curl

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Set both sides of the pulley to a high position. Attach a handle to each side, grab them both & take a small step forward. Keep your chest upright & elbows at shoulder level. Breathe out & pull the handles in towards your body. Hold when they reach your head area for 1 second. Slowly allow your arms to extend keeping your elbows in the starting position. Try not to let your arms fully extended, but time your contraction just before full elongation on the muscle.

Spider Curl

The Best Arm Workouts for Building Mass

Set an adjustable workout bench to a slight incline. Lie forward with your chest just above the top of the bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, and keep your chest upright & shoulders back. Breathe out & lift one dumbbell upwards turning your wrist as you do, until the dumbbell aligns with your shoulder. Hold here for 1 second, then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position. Alternate from one side to the other.

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