Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bicep Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bicep Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger, regarded as the greatest bodybuilder of all time, amassed 8 Mr. Olympia trophies throughout his career. and transformed the bodybuilding sport.

Arnold was well-known for his flamboyant demeanor and, of course, his amazing biceps growth.

Fans liked the sight of his enormous 22-inch arms while he was just 22 years old. But how he achieved it demonstrated his tenacity and will to excel. He employed a special method.

That is a lot of muscle. Schwarzenegger is renowned for his incredible biceps in addition to his impressive physique and political career. Even today, it would be challenging to find someone with arms larger than his.

Schwarzenegger's Tips For Biceps Workout

One of the most crucial pieces of advice he offered was that, whether one was standing or sitting, their hand should be in a neutral posture. Maintaining the palm facing upward aids in improved muscular development. So, with these important pointers, one can probably grow biceps of a good size. Arnold Schwarzenegger still exercises at the age of 75. He still has an amazing physique.

Shock The Muscle To Be Big

According to Arnold, the body is very adaptive and may become used to the same loads. He was aware that if everything was carried out consistently, using the same routines every day, even exercising at a very high intensity would not result in any new improvements. Arnold suggested using a variety of techniques to "shock" the hands, including adding weight, increasing repetitions and sets, accelerating training and reducing recovery time, performing novel exercises, and even coming up with new ones.

Perfect Technique

Arnold would suggest that beginners perform flexions with their backs against a wall to fully isolate the biceps muscle. According to him, only the arms are required to perform this movement, and any other muscles that are used to isolate the biceps will negate their effect. Additionally, he focused on extending the movement's range of motion. "When you do rotation you have to bring your arm straight up to your shoulder. If you change that line a millimeter, inside or out, you take the stress off your biceps and you don't get the same results," said Arnie.


Keeping his attention on each repetition of each set was of utmost importance to Arnold! Nothing could stop him or divert him while he was practicing and fully concentrated. He believed that just thinking in that way caused the muscle to grow more because he had a mental image of how the body desired to have it.

“In my mind, I saw my biceps as a mountain, incredibly big, and I imagined lifting a huge amount of weights with that superhuman muscle mass” was one of Arnold’s famous sentences. One of the most famous statements of the great Arnold was "Put your mind into a muscle because the power of the mind cannot be underestimated".

What Was Arnold's Favorite Bicep Exercise?

1- Standing Barbell Curls (Sets: 5-8, Reps: 8-12)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bicep Workout

One of Arnold Schwarzenegger's preferred workouts is the barbell curl. He does them with his elbows near his sides while standing. You may perform this exercise four times with 10–12 repetitions each set (rest 90 seconds).

Rope curls are more versatile than standard curls. Your biceps get stronger and bigger, your forearms get bigger, and you can handle a larger burden thanks to them. They also enable a strong biceps peak contraction at the halfway point of the curl.

2- Alternate Dumbbell Curl (Sets: 5-8, Reps: 8-12)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bicep Workout

Another traditional workout that Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends is this one.

An efficient single-joint workout for exercising one arm at a time to expand your biceps is the alternating dumbbell curl. This exercise, which can be performed standing or sitting, is well-liked by gymgoers of all skill levels.

Without stopping in between sets or waiting a minute between exercises, you can perform 10 to 12 repetitions of the alternating dumbbell curl.

3- Barbell Preacher Curl (Sets: 5, Reps: 10)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bicep Workout

Vince Gironda and Larry Scott both emphasized that the preacher curl was for building the bottom part of the biceps, and Arnold emphasizes the same point. There are several early photographs of young Arnold using the preacher bench to execute barbell preacher curls at Vince's Gym. Furthermore, we learn from reading Dick Tyler's West Coast Bodybuilding Scene: The Golden Era that Arnold bombed his arms in Don Peter's house gym due to his obsession with the preacher curl bench. Arnold used the preacher curl throughout his career to force his biceps into additional development after realizing the benefits of this exercise.

4- Concentration Curls (Sets: 5, Reps: 10)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bicep Workout

The Concentration Curls has been a part of Arnie’s workout. The method you select for the exercise will rely on your particular preferences because there are several methods to do it. The fundamental exercise involves bending at the waist while holding a dumbbell in one hand that hangs below your shoulder. Curl the dumbbell to your shoulder without using your upper arm, tighten your biceps at the top of the exercise, and then slowly bring it back down.

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