5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

Although your biceps and triceps may be pumping, huge arms are useless if your upper limp arsenal is not supported by some bulging traps muscles.

Along with contributing significantly to your heavy lifts and giving you the distinctive bodybuilder look, adding muscle and strength to your traps also aids in maintaining good posture. The best traps exercises are available for you to do, and they are an extremely crucial component of your upper body workout regimen. What are the best trap-related exercises? The following five exercises should be included in your upcoming traps training or overall back workout.

5 Exercises for Bigger and Stronger Traps

1. Shrugs

5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

If we didn't include shrugs in our list of the best exercises for traps, it wouldn't be complete. Shrugs are probably one of the first exercises that come to mind when you think of exercising your traps, and for good reason. These tough guys help to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance while also working your upper and middle traps.

Whatever your level of fitness, shrugs are a terrific exercise since they can be performed with anything from cables and a trap bar to dumbbells and barbells. They are the ideal traps workout because of this, especially if you lack the equipment or don't want to wait around for the barbell.

The shrug exercise isolates the muscles in the traps, which can be a fantastic upper body finisher. To properly feel the heat, choose a suitable weight and aim for 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

2. Barbell Deadlift

5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

Deadlifts almost always come up when discussing the greatest exercises for developing a certain muscle group, and we're not even sorry about it.

Deadlifting is one of the best compound exercises available when done properly since it requires so much from so many different muscle groups in the body. You must contract the muscles in your traps as well as the rest of your back to perform this lift.

The beauty of the deadlift is that all three sections of the trapezius muscle are worked, even though the traps aren't the primary emphasis of this lift.

Deadlifts and shrugs are two of the best traps exercises, so start your session with them and finish it with them for a serious traps pump.

3. Rack Pulls

5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

If you don't know what a rack pull is, it's the top portion of a deadlift where you pull from the rack at around knee height rather than raising the bar from the floor.

Why then do they include a deadlift as well? Rack pulls, on the other hand, focus on the top section of the deadlift movement, which requires more from the upper body, back, and traps muscles because you are pulling from a higher point than in a traditional deadlift.

So, instead of doing a complete, traditional deadlift if today isn't leg day, you can target your traps with rack pulls. Rack pulls are undoubtedly among the best exercises for traps, even though they won't help you build your entire body's power.

4. Upright Rows

5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

If you currently skip upright rows from your traps muscle workout program, it's time to start loving this exercise. Upright rows are a terrific exercise to add to your routine. They will not only help you develop trap strength and mass, but they will also put your front and back deltoids to the test.

The upright row exercise is linked to shoulder pain and can lead to shoulder impingement; it must be done properly to prevent problems.

Start slowly, learn the movement, then increase the number of reps while concentrating on the muscular contraction. If you're an Olympic lifter, isolating the upright row may help you lift more weight over your head because it is also a crucial component of the clean and press.

You might want to steer clear of this one if you do experience a shoulder ache.

5. Face Pulls

5 Best Trap Exercises For Bigger Stronger Traps

Face pulls are sometimes forgotten when it comes to exercises for the upper body. However, they are a great workout for strengthening muscles, improving posture, and supporting good shoulder health in general.

Face pulls, a shoulder exercise that also works the traps muscles, are similar to upright rows.

To prevent problems with the shoulder joint, they must be executed in a controlled motion while making sure the muscles are loaded properly.

When you incorporate them at the end of your workout, your traps muscles will be irreparably damaged in a good way.

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