The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking for the greatest arm workouts for your next gym session.

With the biceps being one of the most popular body areas to train, there's no doubt you've heard of a bicep curl... perhaps one of the most well-known arm workouts out there, whether you're a bro split veteran or a pure gym newbie.

But don't be deceived by the fixation with the two muscles on your forearm... The triceps have greater muscular mass than the biceps, yet they're typically overlooked in the quest for t-shirt-bulging arms.

It's time to step up your biceps and triceps workouts and feel the burn from the greatest arm exercises for building muscular mass, strength, and performance.

The 6 Best Exercises for Arm


You'll probably come across some strange and fantastic workouts in the gym, with many of them attempting to target the biceps in various ways.

However, believe us when we say that the most effective lifts are frequently the simplest. In your next arm workout, do these three biceps exercises correctly and feel the benefits.


The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

If you don't already incorporate the Barbell Bicep Curl in your arm routine, now is the time to start. The use of the barbell allows both arms to work simultaneously, moving more weight during each rep, making it one of the finest exercises for growing biceps muscle mass.

Remember that increasing volume by increasing total weight and reps stimulates adaptation in the targeted muscle groups, resulting in muscular growth and development.

TIP: The bicep curl's classic faulty technique includes uncontrolled swinging near the bottom of the rep. Maintain a shoulder-width stride with your feet planted shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and elbows firmly by your sides. Aim for a strong contraction all the way to the peak of the rep, followed by a slow three-second eccentric movement.


The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

The preacher curl is a popular exercise for biceps brachii isolation. The EZ bar preacher curl is a well-known workout, but substituting dumbbells for the bar allows for unilateral training, ensuring that both arms are equally strong.

One of the finest biceps workouts for targeting the muscle is to use a preacher curl bench (or an incline bench) with dumbbells. This reduces the opportunity to 'cheat' while putting greater attention on the muscular contraction throughout the movement.

TIP: For a preacher hammer curl, switch to a preacher grip, which provides the same amount of isolation but focuses more on the forearm, Brachialis, and Brachioradialis.


The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

Cable bicep workouts are sometimes disregarded in favor of the more beneficial barbell or dumbbell alternatives, but you don't have to fall into this trap. The Cable Bicep Curl is an important tool for increasing training volume in arm workouts, and it's frequently employed at the end of sessions with a greater repetition focus.

The use of wires for bicep curls produces a 'continuous tension' environment for the biceps, allowing them to work differently than the traditional ways.

TIP: The cable machine is ideal for drop sets and working to failure, thanks to the weight pin system's quick and easy resistance adjustment.


If you don't work your biceps and triceps, it's not an arm workout. The main function of the triceps, which is made up of three muscles on the back of your upper arm, is to extend your elbow.

The triceps are also recruited by larger push motions like triceps dips and barbell bench press. But we're here to show you how to isolate the triceps muscle with the greatest triceps exercises.


The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

The skull crusher exercise, also known as the Lying Triceps Extension, should be on the top of your list if you want huge triceps. This triceps brachii exercise is commonly done with a barbell or an EZ bar, which allows both triceps to work simultaneously and target all three heads of the triceps brachii.

Concentrate on the slow eccentric movement before extending your arms firmly and activating your triceps throughout the exercise.

TIP: Don't drop the weight; else you'll find out why this exercise is called the 'skull crusher'.


The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

The cable machine can be used for more than simply bicep exercises; placing the attachment higher on the frame allows for a variety of cable tricep extension activities.

The Cable Tricep Pushdown with the straight bar attachment isolates the triceps brachii and targets the three heads of the triceps.

The Cable Extension is an excellent tool for novices to use before progressing to more difficult workouts, as it aids in the development of muscular conditioning and strength.

Experienced lifters may also use the cable system to isolate critical triceps areas using various tricep extension attachments, such as single-arm triceps exercises.

TIP: The key to adequately isolating the triceps is to maintain a rigid stance. Maintain a balanced stance, soft knees, and retracted shoulders throughout the action, and maintain your elbows pinned by your side.


The 6 Best Arm Exercises for Definition & Strength

This exercise isolates the triceps by raising the arm above the head to stretch the muscle's long head, putting more emphasis on the contraction.

For this lift, you'll have to check your ego at the door. The weight you can shift with a single-arm overhead extension is limited, but it doesn't make it any less effective. Begin with a modest weight and gradually increase the weight as your stability and strength develop.

This is one of the best dumbbell triceps workouts for isolating and targeting the three heads of the muscle.

TIP: When standing, ensure you are contracting your abs to hold your body still and prevent your lower back from arching.

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