6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms


Biceps that tear and strain their t-shirts are an indicator of peak physical fitness for certain men. Unlike the chest and back, your biceps muscles are one of the main body parts that will be on display most of the time. As a result, you'll want them to appear as large and appealing as possible.

Several workouts will stretch your shirtsleeves, but if you want a specialized bicep workout, you should start learning a variety of curls.

Here are 6 bicep workouts that can help you achieve new levels of growth, strength, and muscle definition

The 6 Best Biceps Exercises for Mass

1. EZ Bar Curls

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

EZ Curl Bars are found in almost every gym, and for good reason: they keep your wrists in a comfortable posture when utilizing the bar.

Make sure your thumbs are higher/further forward than your pinkies when you hold the bar. The wrists and elbows will be less strained in this position.

You'll hit both bicep heads evenly with a shoulder-width grip. You'll work the outer head (long head) harder using an inside/narrow grip. Finally, a wide/outside grip will put additional pressure on the inner head (short head). To properly develop your biceps, use a mix of these three grips. As you move your hands to different places, make sure to rotate the bar to keep your wrists in a comfortable posture.

Setting your shoulders and keeping your elbows close to your sides are essential for these curls. Instead of forcing the elbows forward/up to complete the exercise, pivot the weight around the elbow. This will help maintain tension throughout the workout.

Make the rookie error of trying to raise the bar as high as possible. You don't want your elbow to be directly under your hands at the end of the exercise because it will diminish its effectiveness.

2. EZ Bar Preacher Curls

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

If you're having trouble maintaining your shoulders and elbows in position during the preceding workout, EZ bar preacher curls will come in handy.

Sink the preacher pad (or a GHD pad) deep into your armpits by throwing your arms over it. This will keep your elbows in place and allow the bar to pivot around this position. I like to keep my legs out in front of me.

Don't bring the bar all the way up for these curls. This will release tension and disengage the bicep. Instead, concentrate on allowing the bar to descend as much as possible to get the greatest stretch, range of motion, and growth.

Because this workout does not allow for any swinging or cheating, you will need to drop the weights. This is beneficial because it ensures that your biceps do all of the work.

3. Rotating Dumbbell Curls

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

These curls are essential for arm development. The brachialis is a lesser-known muscle that lies right outside your biceps. It runs beneath the biceps and has a big role in how big your biceps get (peak).

To target that muscle, you should do dumbbell curls with a twist.

Begin with dumbbells at your sides in a neutral grip (shoulders set) (thumbs forward). Rotate the dumbbells out as you curl (keeping your elbows in place) so that the backs of your hands face front at the top/finish. As you lower, rotate them back.

My favorite bicep exercise is rotating dumbbell curls, and it'll probably be yours as well.

You can do both arms at once or alternate left and right.

4. Zottman Curls

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

I mentioned the brachialis before, and the Zottman curl is the best exercise for working that muscle on our list.

Start slowly and carefully with these. Perform the movement with great control, and at the end of each repeat, reset your hands.

The first time you do Zottman curls, you'll feel it in your brachialis like you've never felt before. This is a wonderful thing, and it will help you increase the size of your arms.

5. Seated Dumbbell Incline Curls

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

This is a difficult practice because cheating is practically impossible. It's impossible to swing the dumbbells up while seated and leaning back.

This position has two implications.

The first implication is that you'll have to use lighter weights than you normally would for dumbbell curls.

Second, your biceps will hurt as they've never hurt before.

Your arms will scream from seated dumbbell incline curls, and you'll try to cheat anyhow to complete the reps.

Reduce the weight, take a rest, and continue when you can't do any more reps.

6. High Cable Curls

6 Best Biceps Exercises for Muscular Arms

These are the most attractive bicep exercises available. If you only have one cable, you can do these one-handed, but if you want to feel like Superman, you'll need two.

Set the cable columns to shoulder height while standing between them. Bring your elbows to shoulder level and curl your hands towards your head like you're displaying your biceps (you are).

If you can do this in front of a mirror, you'll get bonus points.

Make sure your arms are parallel to the ground and your fists are facing your ears or behind your head. This position will allow you to focus all of your attention on your biceps.

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