7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

One of the most crucial exercises in push training is the bench press. The chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles are the main muscles involved.

However, while performing a bench press with a barbell or dumbbells, tremendous strength is needed to lift the weight. You can perform exercises to build up the muscles in your chest and triceps, which will improve your bench press technique.

Best Exercises to get better at Bench Press

Finding your three rep max

7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

To increase your strength, perform a set of exercises with a certain weight no more than three times. Your maximum PR typically occurs when you can complete one rep with a specific weight.

However, when you can complete three repetitions, it helps to engage all of the chest muscles, particularly the smaller ones. That promotes muscle growth in both the smaller and larger muscles, making it easier for you to perform other chest exercises.

Close Grip Decline Press

7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

Your triceps are the main target of this exercise. Your triceps must be well-developed if you want to be able to withstand resistance.

The close grip decline press makes sure that the triceps are subjected to resistance, which compels the muscles to continue to grow and develop.

Military Press

7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

It's crucial to pay attention to your shoulders as well. An essential joint during activity is the shoulder. To hold the weight steadily while you push it out from your body during the bench press, powerful shoulder muscles are something you should strive towards.

Making sure that the shoulder muscles grow in a way that they can handle the force of the bench press is possible with the military press.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

The overhead dumbbell press is another exercise that targets your shoulders. You can perform this exercise with light weights to make it function as a burnout set. The better it is for you to gain strength and power, the more volume you may add to your workouts.

Heavy Drop Set

It's usually advised to perform a drop set to build strength. It allows the muscles to encounter volume and intensity in the same session, encouraging the fibres to swell and become more robust in order to withstand the increased force during subsequent workouts.


7 Best Exercises to Improve Your Bench Press

Bodyweight exercises are one of the best ways to build strength. Push-ups, with both broad and close grips, should be your primary focus if your goal is to become better at bench pressing. That makes it easier to concentrate on both your triceps and your chest muscles.

Static Holds

Static holds are one of the finest techniques to increase muscle strength and endurance for bench press. The targeted muscle group and core strength are both improved by static holds.

When performing bodyweight exercises like push-ups or the press itself, you can perform static holds by holding the weight after you've achieved the peak of the motion.

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