5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

If you aren't including the greatest trap exercises in your total workout routine, you aren't getting the most out of your workout. After all, by focusing on the trapezius muscles, which run from the base of your neck to your mid-back, you'll stand out among the bobbleheads (i.e. those who focus on their core and arms while ignoring their trap muscles).

Enter the best trap workouts for men, which will help you round up your muscular repertoire. Yes, it means adding another workout to an already rigorous schedule, but we never said it would be simple. As a result, your trap muscles will be strengthened, and your posture, definition, movement, mass, and strength will all improve.

5 Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

1. Trap Bar Shrugs

5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

Trap bar shrugs are a wonderful approach to overload the traps with external load, use a grip that allows for maximum terminal elevation, and reduces anterior shoulder stress.

Simply stand erect and raise the shoulders upwards and slightly toward the ears to perform trap bar shrugs. Concentrate on raising the shrug to a high level while keeping the shoulders from rounding forward. Lower the shoulders under control once you've reached the top, and feel the muscles extend in the eccentric phase.

2. Barbell Shrugs

5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

The barbell shrug is a cornerstone of trap training, but it's commonly done incorrectly.

To begin, perform this exercise with your body slightly bent forwards at the start, with your torso tilted around 10% forwards. The lifter will be able to attain a greater terminal elevation range of motion while keeping the shoulders back in this position. As if you were touching your shoulders to your ears, try to raise your shoulders and bring them inwards at the top.

Begin with 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions of moderately loaded barbell shrugs, focusing on a full stretch during the eccentric phase and minimum momentum during the shrug itself (unless employing power reps). Hands that are wider than shoulder-width should be used.

3. Dumbbell Shrugs

5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

Unilateral trap training is possible with the dumbbell shrug. While using significant quantities of external loading in comparison to barbell or trap bar shrugs may exercise more difficult, you can increase repetition ranges and try to maximize contractions.

Begin with 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions with modest to moderate weights, aiming to cover the entire range of motion. If necessary, use straps.

4. Rack Pulls

5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

Rack pulls are an excellent technique to work the traps, upper back, and grip. This partial range of motion exercise can also be applied directly to powerful mass gainers such as deadlifts and carries. Use a double overhead grip that is slightly broader than shoulder-width for trap-specific rack pull training. If necessary, use straps.

5. Farmer’s Carry

5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps

The farmer's carry is an excellent approach to bulk up your upper body, build your traps, and improve your grip strength. While there isn't a full range of motion in terms of shoulder elevation and depression with this movement, it does enable considerable loads to be employed. You can emphasize the eccentric component of the shrug and put a lot of stress on the system this way.

Begin with 3-5 30-45-second walks with dumbbells, kettlebells, a trap bar, or farmer's handles. If you want to grow your traps, utilize straps if your grip is failing.

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