10 Best Compound Exercises for Massive Biceps

10 Best Compound Exercises for Massive Biceps

If you want to bulk up your biceps and enhance the development of your upper arms, this is the workout for you. Compound bicep exercises are a wonderful approach to increasing muscle mass and strength since they work for multiple muscle groups at once.

Compound exercises require movement around multiple joints at the same time. As a result, these exercises target multiple muscle groups at once.

It is strongly recommended that those of you who have been wanting to get gorgeous biceps to begin executing complex bicep exercises.

How To Target The Biceps

Compound and isolated motions are the two forms of bicep exercises.

Compound biceps workouts work for numerous muscular groups and help you move more functionally. You'll be able to take on more load as more muscle groups are stimulated, resulting in faster and more consistent movement patterns with larger weights. Pull-ups and rows are two examples.

Isolation bicep exercises concentrate all of the strain on one muscle group; no other muscles take over and make life easier for the target muscle group. It consists solely of elbow extension with no other joint movement, such as a dumbbell curl or hammer curl.

The Best Compound Bicep Exercises

1. Inverted Row

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

Bodyweight rows are also known as inverted rows. The inverted row positions your body horizontally, making it easier to complete.

The smith machine is where most individuals execute this workout at the gym.

However, you may do the inverted row at home by lying under a chair and lifting yourself by grabbing the chair's sides.

2. Chin Up

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

Chin-ups are a type of strength training exercise. This is a bodyweight workout that can result in significant biceps and back muscle gain.

The hands are facing the body in this exercise. The biceps are generally subjected to loads heavier than what can be lifted with a barbell because the lifter is pulling their bodyweight. You must include this compound bicep workout in your arsenal of bicep workouts.

3. Pull-Up

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

Pull-ups are an upper-body strength exercise that works your back, shoulders, and arms. For novices and even seasoned athletes, performing a pull-up can be difficult.

4. Isometric Chin-ups

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

Isometric (Iso) refers to muscle lengthening and shortening to maintain a single form.

Isometric biceps holds are similar to holding grocery bags in your hands with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Your biceps are fully contracted and holding the bags in place statically in this posture.

5. One-Arm Dumbbell Row

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

The one-arm dumbbell row is a great full-range exercise for strengthening the lats (Back Muscle).

This allows you to work on each side separately, giving you superior muscle isolation and a wider range of motion.

6. Seated Cable Rows

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

Seated Cable Rows are a great way to strengthen your middle back muscles while also targeting your lower lats and biceps. That's possible to do it with both wide and narrow grips. On a cable rowing machine with different handles, this exercise is performed. It's best to include this workout in your arsenal of compound bicep workouts.

7. Bent-Over One-Arm Cable Pull

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

The bent-over one-arm cable pull develops muscle and strength in the back and bicep latissimus dorsi muscles.

To properly stimulate the muscle by feeling it contract during each repetition, stick with moderate weights.

8. V-Grip Lat Pull Down

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

The V grip lat pull down is a version of the lat pull down that is used to strengthen the back muscles. While the lats will be the primary focus of the exercise, you will also notice bicep and middle back activation.

9. Bent Over Barbell Rows

10 Best Compound Exercises for the Biceps

The finest upper back exercise is bent over barbell rows if you want to develop and add big muscle to your upper back and arms.

10. Seated Row with Resistance Bands

The latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, back delts, and biceps were largely worked with the seated row with resistance bands. Because you need your lower back to stabilize your movement, it will also work your erector spinae.

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