The 8 Best Exercises for Bigger Triceps

 The 8 Best Exercises for Bigger Triceps


As arms are the most dominant part of the body, when size is combined with genetics, it produces an outstanding look, and as you know, each bodybuilder's genetics are different. When it comes to Triceps, as it is a three-headed muscle, it has a rounded shape that is different from the biceps, and to be honest, a large triceps will always make the arms look huge, so here we will learn how to develop your triceps

The 8 Best Exercises for Bigger Triceps

When it comes to developing your triceps, it's most likely an exercise issue, followed by genetics. However, workouts may drastically modify your genetics, so if you want a 3d rounded look, have a look at these excellent workouts.

TIP: There is a more difficult technique to getting bigger triceps than just completing any simple triceps workout, whether lightweight with high reps or heavyweights.

EZ Skullcrusher

12 reps x 4 sets Although it is not an isolation exercise because it moves two heads at the same time, most bodybuilders like it. You must position your arms perpendicular to your body and slowly bring the bar up to your forehead, then upward, without moving your elbows.

Close grip bench press

12 reps x 4 sets Many people are confused about whether the exercise is for the chest or the triceps. It involves both muscles, but if you push the bar as low as you can towards the lower part of your chest, your primary muscle will be the triceps. Try to keep your elbow narrow and not open, as this will increase the risk of an elbow injury.

Cable push down

If we go back to the golden age of bodybuilding, this was the main exercise, and guess what, it is still the most famous Triceps exercise today. Because it is an isolation exercise, it activates the lateral head of the triceps. It is important to go up slowly to avoid sudden movement on your elbows and squeeze the triceps as you go down.

Cable Overhead Extension with Rope

8-10 reps in 3 sets It is a long-head isolation in which you place the pulley on top and lead forward, locking your upper arms by the sides of your head, and then fully extending your arms.

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Three sets of ten repetitions It will target the long head, but the key to this exercise is to stretch your triceps as much as possible to maximize the angle of the movement. Cross your hands around the dumbbell as much as possible.


The last one should ideally be three sets of 12 repetitions. That is a popular exercise among most athletes, not just bodybuilders; it is a compound exercise that involves the lower chest and triceps; if you have the machine, you can start with lower reps to reduce load; if you don't, you can start with lower reps because it will involve your body weight; if you don't, you can start with lower reps because it will involve your bodyweight. Dip belts with chain can be used by skilled bodybuilders.

Rope pushdown

Because it is a rope, it is simpler to modify the hand movement to isolate the long head of the triceps, so you will have to let your hand outside while pushing down, which will put the focus on the outer side, which is the long head.

Overhead Triceps Extension

That is the ideal exercise for hitting the medial head, which when it expands, produces the arm gigantic. However, that exercise may be easily tricked, so you must keep the elbows and arms perpendicular.


So, practicing all of these exercises as is won't make your triceps develop; you'll need to use a variety of approaches to put your triceps under the most stress, and then you'll notice a significant difference. So always undertake non-routine workouts, such as supersets, in which every two movements are combined without rest. Giant sets are the way to go if you want to get the most out of your workout, So those sets are four combined sets in one go, allowing you to push your training to the limit, but without proper nourishment and sleep, it's just another day at the gym. You may also try the triceps post chest or shoulders approach, which will result in a complete triceps explosion. Best wishes

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