How to Avoid The 5 most Common Mistakes in Bodybuilding!

How to Avoid The 5 most Common Mistakes in Bodybuilding

Our tips & tricks against the 5 most common mistakes: here are our tips to intelligently avoid the 5 common mistakes made in bodybuilding. So that you can be sure of having successful muscle development!

Regular training and a suitable diet are not always enough to gain muscle. Thanks to our advice, you will better know how to avoid simple mistakes and thus develop your muscles in a lasting and effective way. To not only achieve your goals, but also exceed them!

Avoid The 5 most Common Mistakes in Bodybuilding

Mistake # 1: Too Much Cardio Training.

Strength training and endurance training are not necessarily mutually exclusive. But building muscle doesn't just work with cardio! Fat is burned during cardio workouts, but muscle does not develop. If your main goal is to build muscle, you should therefore plan to do weight training as a priority.

Focus on strength training

To gain muscle mass, focus on strength training with free dumbbells. To complete, you can do a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) session 2 to 3 times a week, to stimulate fat burning and better define your muscles. Organize a weight training program. This will not only help you have a clear primary goal but also make sure you are well organized and progress in stages.

To ensure the success of your efforts during your workout, we also recommend that you perform our free Body Check. Define your goals, calculate your BMI and receive personalized nutrition and fitness advice.

Mistake # 2: You're not getting enough core exercise.

To build muscle, three basic exercises are fundamental: the deadlift, the bench press, and the squat (bending on the legs). They are great not only for working individual muscles but also muscle groups as a whole.

For example, during a squat, you work your thighs, obviously, but also your buttocks and back muscles. With the help of the basic exercises, you train your large muscles and thus you improve and see progress faster.

Use a strength training program

A training plan is useful for keeping an overview of exercises and recording progress. It is recommended to perform the 3 basic exercises 3 to 4 times a week, to effectively build muscle.

Mistake # 3: You take too short breaks.

Being overzealous in bodybuilding is counterproductive! You won't build new muscles if you train every day. Muscles only develop during the recovery phase!

Give your muscles time to regenerate

Intense training sessions stress your body. It is therefore important to give your body enough rest. Regeneration and muscle development mainly take place during sleep. So be careful to sleep between 7 and 9 a.m. every day.

Days without training are essential: they allow the body to recover and the muscles to regenerate. So when you get to training after a day's break, you are well-rested and therefore you are at your peak athletic performance.

Mistake # 4: alcohol.

If your goal is to build muscle, it is recommended that you refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body, dilates blood vessels, and causes stress in the body.

Stay focused on your goal

Focus well on your goals and remember what you have already achieved. Keep your goal in mind and learn to say no. We explain the relationship between bodybuilding and alcohol in more detail in this article.

Mistake # 5: You're not eating enough protein.

Muscle cells are mostly made up of protein. If you want to build muscle, your protein intake should be more substantial. So make sure you get enough of it, to ensure that your body is getting the energy it needs to build muscle mass.

Have you no idea what your daily protein intake is? No worries, that's what we're here for! Thanks to our protein products, we support you in your goal:

Follow a diet plan for bodybuilding

A good diet accompanied by a good workout is the key to successful muscle development. A good distribution of macronutrients also called macros (carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids) is therefore vital. Thanks to our bodybuilding-oriented food program, you prepare healthy meals that help build muscle mass - effectively and sustainably. Want to know more? If you want to calculate your ideal personalized macronutrient breakdown, it's here.

To get enough energy, you also need to get enough carbohydrates and healthy fats! Organic coconut oil or organic peanut butter are perfect allies in bodybuilding.

The body must be supplied with carbohydrates and proteins before and after training.

Rice with chicken breast or oatmeal cooked in milk with protein powder for example are typical pre-workout dishes. For post-workout meals, scrambled eggs with fresh vegetables or fish with potatoes and vegetables are ideal.

Avoiding the 5 most common bodybuilding mistakes: our conclusion

Keep the focus on strength training and not on cardio training.

Keep a balanced training program that contains the 3 basic exercises.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet to stay in shape and build muscle.

Leave enough time for rest periods and be careful to get enough sleep.

Prefer a protein shake to a cocktail or a glass of wine in the evening.

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