Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

One of the favorite muscles for most bodybuilders. Having big biceps can be a hassle for beginners. So if we can save you some time with effective bicep exercises, read on. You certainly know it but the bodybuilding movements must be done with great rigor (the biceps exos too) by varying the intensification techniques, the number of repetitions, the tempo to shock the muscle and create new muscle fibers.

The biceps is considered to be a small muscle, it is most often trained with a large muscle group or with its antagonist muscle, the triceps.

The 5 Best Exercises For Massive Biceps

Barbell Curl

Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

It is the exercise par excellence for building biceps, it represents a basis for having big biceps. Basic exercise for the arms, the movement is simple and effective. This is probably an exercise that all strength sports practitioners will perform on their runs.

The muscles used by the barbell bicep curl

This arm exercise helps develop the biceps brachii, headlong and short. The brachialis is also involved in this movement. Thanks to this bar curl you build muscle mass on the biceps.

Realization of the movement

Stand with the barbell in your hands, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend the forearm bringing the bar up to your chin. Go back down slowly. Remember to tighten your abs and keep your bust straight. Avoid movements of the pelvis which would create a cheated movement with less effect on the biceps. Favor a strict movement.

Variants of barbell curl

A simple variation on the hand position allows you to work the inside or outside of your biceps. A position of the hands apart solicits the inside of the biceps, as for a position more a part of the hands makes it possible to work the outside part.

Tips for progressing in straight bar curl

Perform a set of 10 reps until failure. Intensification techniques can be used subsequently with an isometric phase in the middle of the movement (2-sec blocking). Another very effective technique for developing the biceps is to slow down the movement during the concentric or eccentric phase.

Hammer Curl

Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

This arm exercise with dumbbells is a very interesting exercise to develop the biceps and a very thick forearm. It is a fairly basic and pleasant exercise to practice.

The muscles used by the dumbbell hammer curl.

This biceps exercise primarily involves the brachialis, brachii, and biceps brachii. It is the best exercise for building up the front muscles (radial brachio). As with most curls, tension is at its peak at the start of the movement.

Realization of the movement

Standing with your arms at your sides and hands in pronation, bend the forearm while keeping the hand in pronation. Alternate arm after arm.

Tips for improving hammer curl

We offer two little tips to quickly progress on this movement and strengthen your arms. Do the pyramid by doing series 20 - 15 - 10 - 8 - 6 with 1 "30 min of rest between each series. You thus stimulate both hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Another piece of advice is when you execute the movement with one arm, meanwhile, hold the dumbbells at 90 ° with the other arm, then alternate.

Spider Curl

Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

This arm exercise is effective. Less known than the 2 previous arm exos, it deserves its place in the top 5. With this difficult to cheat movement, all the load is concentrated on the biceps and you feel it very quickly.

The muscles used by the spider curl

This bicep exercise works the biceps brachii (short and long). Tension is present throughout the movement.

Realization of the movement

This bicep exercise might seem complex but don't be worried. Lie face down on a flat bench. (possibility of putting a weight under the bench to raise it a little). Take the bar, hands shoulder-width apart, bend the forearm and bring the bar towards the chin.

Variants of the bicep curl on a flat bench

You can tighten your hands slightly without squeezing them too much. This will work the outer part of the biceps a bit more. This movement is already sufficiently traumatic which can earn it the title of best bicep exercise.

Tips for progressing on the bar curl on a flat bench

The first piece of advice would be to execute the movement well without jerking.

The other advice is to leave an isometric time when your arm flexion is at 90 ° (about 2 sec of blocking). The feeling is guaranteed.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

This exercise for the biceps puts a lot of tension on the long head of the biceps which corresponds to the outer part of the biceps. The movement doesn't leave too much room for cheating.

Realization of the movement

Lean on a bench inclined at 30 ° with your back well supported and your buttocks on the seat. In the starting position the arms are aligned and the hands in pronation. Bend the forearm and raise the dumbbells by rotating the hands to come to a supine position. Slowly lower your arms.

Variants of bicep curl on an incline bench

The movement can be achieved by starting directly from supination and performing the biceps exercise without rotating the wrist. The other variation that brings a little complexity to this exercise is to keep an arm flexion at 90 ° with one arm while the other arm performs the full movement, then alternate.

Tips for progressing on the dumbbell bicep curl

The first piece of advice is in the concentric phase of the movement, keep the dumbbell in the high position for 2 to 3 seconds by voluntarily forcing the congestion then slowly lower the dumbbell.

The second is simply to never cheat this bicep exercise makes perfect sense when the execution is perfect.

Larry Scott Bicep Curl

Top 5 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Arms

This exercise isolates the biceps by locking the elbow on the inclined backrest of the Larry Scott bench. The lever movement allows the load to be concentrated only on the biceps brachii. The Larry Scott curl is considered one of the best bicep isolation exercises. The particularity of this movement is the tension exerted at the start of the movement.

Realization of the movement

Sit on the machine with the elbow placed on the backrest and the dumbbell in your hand. Bend the forearm. Slowly descend to the starting position. Do all of your reps and then switch arms.

Larry Scott bicep curl variations

The Larry Scott is a bicep exercise that can be done with dumbbells, an EZ bar, or even the pulley. With the EZ bar curl, you can work in tight or spread hand positions to work the outside or inside of the biceps.

Tips for progressing on the bicep curl Larry Scott

This leverage work allows a strong concentration on the biceps. To progress and develop the muscles of the biceps, voluntary contraction at the end of the movement is a good thing. A second tip to improve on this bicep Exo is to have a very slow movement on the eccentric phase.

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