The Best Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

The Best Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

Other than the weight gainer, there isn't a supplement labeled "muscle mass", as some people think only of weight gain. Gaining mass doesn't have to mean gaining fat, it's about gaining clean mass. Certainly, with good training and a good mass diet, you have everything you need, or almost, and there is no obligation, but this is not a reason to deprive yourself of these supplements and miss out on their benefits. Here is a list of supplements you should not miss when it comes time to make your choice.

Which supplements to choose when you want to increase and maintain your muscle mass?

Best Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

The Weight Gainer

Apart from the weight gainer, there is not any mass cataloged supplement

It is a must for mass gain, especially for those who have trouble gaining weight. A good pack of products including a gainer is the guarantee of succeeding in exceeding the limits of his genetics and succeeding in his weight gain.

Whey Protein

Whey protein (or whey) promotes protein synthesis. But what is mass gain? It's using this protein synthesis to build more muscle ... And protein promotes the synthesis of new cells. We no longer present whey protein in terms of benefits. Quick and digestible, it also contains a lot of BCAAs and is the protein of choice after training. Its small peptides increase blood flow to the muscles. The recommended distribution of its intake during the day is in the morning on waking, around 10 am and 4 pm, just after training. It is advisable to favor the isolate and hydrolyzate forms, whose assimilation is even faster, rather than the concentrates.


It is complementary to its cousin Whey. Also derived from milk proteins, it is on the contrary long-lasting both in its digestion and its action. Sometimes we just need a protein that holds us in our body, diffusing slowly and gradually, for example at bedtime, to make the anabolism last all night and stop the catabolism. It's filling, but not too filling, which makes it a good snack for muscle mass. Taken immediately after training, casein would also be a good option to activate protein synthesis. Some even swear by the combination of the two in post-training, and some brands offer multi-source proteins.


Creatine to grow heavier and longer

Take it or not? There are still a lot of questions about it. The body naturally makes it from three amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine. We could be happy with that, but no, because the scientific literature is full of spectacular studies on creatine and its effects on intense exertion and muscle size. What does it mean? Well, creatine helps you grow heavier and longer and therefore will stimulate muscle growth. The water retention effect in the muscle also makes it appear bigger. CQFD. To induce the retention of creatine in the muscle, therefore, is to make sure that you can push the training further to achieve a much better result. Strangely, it is advisable to take it after training to benefit from this saturation effect, but let's not forget that this is not the effect of a single day of taking but of several consecutive weeks of supplementation because it should be taken every day, even when you are not training, but on these days, rather in the morning. Don't get drowned in the various forms of creatine. Stay focused on the most studied form which is creatine monohydrate, or more recently Micronized Creatine (HCL), which is optimally absorbed and produces less waste.


3 of the most important amino acids in existence

Indeed, there is already some in Whey protein, but these BCAAs or branched amino acids are also known as branched amino acids, combine three of the most important amino acids that are, used as a source of fuel for the muscles and promoting muscle synthesis: leucine, isoleucine, valine. Leucine alone would have the double advantage of stimulating mass gain while protecting muscles from destruction (it actively fights against the famous catabolism) by preserving energy reserves. It is also believed to increase the production of growth hormones and testosterone. The result is more resistance to effort and less pain, as long as you take them before and after exercise. Before they will give extra energy, afterward they will repair and build muscle. Having them in the morning with your breakfast is also a good option. The best BCAAs are those that offer a 2: 1 ratio between leucine and isoleucine, valine, a plus for mass and strength.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide is a gas produced naturally by the body that is directly linked to muscle congestion. Protein synthesis produces nitrogen and we speak of a positive nitrogen balance when the rate of protein synthesis exceeds the rate of degradation. In bodybuilding, we are therefore always looking for ways to increase this nitrogen production, by synthesizing it further. The more NO present, the faster the fibers are repaired and the anabolism can increase, and the muscles develop, quite simply because the NO dilates the vessels and therefore allows nutrients, hormones, water ( blood), and necessary oxygen to arrive en masse. This is called the pump effect which plumps up your muscles, which are soaked with all kinds of nutrients necessary for their growth.  is not directly supplied by dietary supplements, but arginine is the main converter. Bringing arginine, therefore, helps to develop strength and muscle size and reduce fat mass. Recently it has been found that citrulline works even better than arginine because it allows more amino acids to be available for protein synthesis. The main NO boosters are also volumizers, sometimes containing an arginine/citrulline mixture or other ingredients capable of enhancing the effects of arginine. The key times to take it are preferable without food, in the morning on an empty stomach, before or after training, and at bedtime.

The other interesting ingredients for the mass


Beta-alanine combines with histidine to make carnosine. According to some studies, it now falls into the category of products that can increase strength and endurance, for a fatigue-free workout. This ingredient is often found in pre-workout supplements or gainers to increase mass gain and fat loss.


This amino acid present in abundance in our body is a priority for the immune system and recovery. It helps to withstand hard sessions and reduce fatigue. Glutamine generally integrates well with pre-workout supplements, however, it is not always advisable to combine it with BCAAs, but rather to take it in the evening.


It is a phytosterol found in green vegetables and plants that has been found to have anabolic properties that naturally increase protein synthesis and muscle growth.


This combination of zinc, magnesium, aspartate, and vitamin B6 seems harmless, but first and foremost it provides the vitamins and minerals that bodybuilders often lack and which are necessary for the production of hormones. Deficiency limits sleep and the intensity of training, and therefore prevents progress. ZMA taken at night helps maintain testosterone and IGF-1 levels, which helps boost mass gain. The purpose of this article was to show you which supplements are important for mass gain, not to force them on you. But you can better make your choice informed by knowing exactly what they are for.

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