The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs


The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

Having powerful and muscular legs takes work and rigor. Certain exercises are targeted on this part of the body, and therefore allow in-depth work of the various muscles that make up the thighs. Here are the best exercises to practice to get the legs you dream of.

The Best Exercises For Strong Legs

Do you want to strengthen your legs and make them gain strength? So, go for these few exercises on a regular basis. The results will be quickly visible and felt.

Leg Press

The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

The leg press targets the quadriceps, buttocks, lower back, calves, abdominals and most importantly, the back of the thighs. This exercise is surely one of the most intense for the thighs. The work is really felt by the athlete. A few heavy and long sets with the leg press is enough to produce burning sensations and results. The movement is guided by the machine, which allows a secure and targeted work on the thighs. You can also add heavy loads without hurting yourself.

To use the leg press, simply stand on it so that your feet are positioned on the platform. They should be shoulder-width apart with the toes facing outwards. The lower back and back should be properly seated against the press backrest. Then you have to take off the load until your legs are almost stretched out, but not completely. Be careful not to block the joints at the end of the movement. Finally, return to your initial position, but stop your descent before taking off the pelvis. It is important not to round or curl the lower back.

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Favor long movements and heavy loads for effective work of the legs and muscles using the leg press. The machine is designed to limit the risk of injury: do not hesitate to load it if you feel able to!


The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

Lunges are the most commonly recommended exercises for building your thighs and glutes. The advantage of this practice is the fact that it targets the whole body, while emphasizing the work on the thighs and buttocks. We work on balance, strength and power. It is quite possible to add a few weights such as dumbbells to amplify the work during the descent and the ascent. Charge if you can, but favor perfectly conducted series.

Contrary to popular belief, doing a lunge well is not that easy. Many botch this exercise, however very effective on the thighs! There are several types of slots. The front lunge consists of standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Adopt a straight back posture and place your hands at your sides or on your hips. This will keep you in your initial position. Then start by taking a step forward with one foot (the left, for example), and bend both legs. From then on, your right knee (the one opposite to the one you brought forward) should almost touch the ground. Then straighten up by pushing off your left foot, then place your feet side by side. Repeat the exercise alternating your feet.

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To do this well, it is essential to look straight ahead. Otherwise, you may arch your back and cause yourself pain. Inhale as you descend, then breathe out during the ascent. Your breathing should be smooth. During the movement, the heel of the rear foot should be lifted off and go slightly outward. The tip of your front foot will be pointing slightly inward. During your movements, the knee of your front leg should never go beyond your toes. As for your feet, they should keep the same spacing (that of the pelvis) so that the body can remain stable.

For more intense lunges, you can add weight, or elevate the toe of the back foot using a chair or bench. When you have fully integrated the movement, you can also move on to jumpings lunges, which consist of adding small jumps by changing legs.


The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

Doing squats is a great initiative when looking to build your legs and glutes. This exercise mobilizes the lower muscles: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings. This is a complete strength training exercise, which is ideal for toning and strengthening the muscles of your thighs.

To perform squats, you must stand and position your legs so that they are shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms straight and make sure your feet are on the same line. Indeed, an asymmetry can cause an imbalance of the lumbar and ultimately back pain. Once in the starting position, inhale and descend until you keep your thighs parallel to the floor. Exhale as you come back up while releasing your arms. Repeat several sets per muscle building session for quick results.

Please note that the descent must be controlled to limit the risk of back injuries. On your descent, slow down slightly before accelerating on the ascent. Your back should remain slightly arched throughout the exercise. Don't bend it and look straight ahead. Your chest should stay out: don't lean forward. Finally, it is important that your center of gravity is held back. Don't take your heels off the ground!

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There are different variations of squats. The one we are detailing is the basic one, but you can add jumps between each movement. You can also engage in one-legged squats, the static squat (basic squat held between 30 and 60 seconds), the chair pose or even the folded squat. You can also add weights during your squat movements.

Pistols Squats

The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

This form of squat is very intense for the thighs. It makes you work on your muscle power, your stability and your mobility. Plus, while the exercise sounds simple, it is very strenuous. You will remember your first session!

To perform pistol squats, you must stand upright and on one leg. Descend so that your hips are below your knees. Your second leg never touches the ground, and the arms stay at your side. Your shoulders and heels should line up, and your abs will be tight. The knee of your supporting leg extends outward as you descend, and all of your weight is concentrated on that heel, which is always flat. Then go back up and change legs.

Use slow, perfectly directed movements for the exercise to be truly effective. Don't rush and use your arms.

Wall Squat

The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

Cladding is another type of exercise that helps build muscle and strength. Unlike the plank, which primarily targets the abdominal muscles (and a bit the front of the thighs), the wall squat will focus on the thighs and calves. It will allow you to achieve strong and muscular legs.

Performing the wall squat position is quite simple. Just stand with your back to the wall to lean against it, and sit down as you might on a chair. However, here we sit in a vacuum and use the wall as a file. The thighs should be parallel to the floor, and the knees should form a 90 degree angle. The feet will be parted the width of the pelvis, while the toes will be stretched forward.

During the exercise, make sure you keep your back perfectly against the wall. The abdominals are also used: contract them. Your arms will rest alongside your body. To maintain this position, you need to support your heels without lifting the front of your feet. Hold the position as long as possible, or for a given time. Breathe deeply and slowly through your chest. Avoid slackening the abdominals. If the exercise is not intense enough, alternately straighten your legs or add weight to your thighs.

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As a general rule, the time held in the chair position varies greatly depending on the level of each individual. If you are an experienced athlete, do not hesitate to go beyond 120 seconds, and hold on as long as possible. You can also choose to add weight and perform several sets of chairs to strengthen your thighs. Finally, the wall squat can be combined with other exercises that combine isometry and plyometry.

Jumping Rope

The Best Exercises to Have Powerful and Muscular Legs

Excellent for working on your cardio, the jump rope is a great ally for all athletes. It can be used in boxing as well as in fitness. This practice trains muscles, balance and endurance. It will also be effective in strengthening your thighs! Here's how.

The basic skipping rope technique is to jump with both feet. You will be able to strengthen your legs, and especially your calves. Keep your knees bent and tight for the best cushioning for each landing. Simple and efficient. But you can also add a little intensity to your skipping rope sessions: jump twice per turn of the rope to boost your cardio.

In addition, muscle your legs by landing your jumps on one foot. Alternate your feet as the rope passes overhead and walk forward. You will thus work on your coordination skills and your balance, while strengthening the muscles of your thighs, your calves and your stomach.

The bike

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the most concentrated physical activities on leg power. Whether on roads, paths or indoors, cycling helps build muscle and shape your legs. Don't hesitate to walk a few miles when you can!

This exercise is perfect for building the length and finesse of the legs, but also for building them deeply. It all depends on your approach to exercise. To refine your silhouette, we favor long and less intense races. But to build muscle, we focus on the intensity of each movement. Performance goes through power, and muscle strength. You should therefore not hesitate to combine the practice of cycling with the aforementioned exercises.

To Conclude

The exercises for targeting the leg muscles are varied. Most of them also have variants, which allows us not to let the monotony of the series discourage us. Focus on a variety of sessions to keep your spirits up and get the muscular legs you dream of. Rigor, regularity and intensity will then be the watchwords for your success.

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