8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

Meet 8 awesome workout tips from the true master of bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman! And learn how to optimize your training to get even more results with weight training!

Ronnie Coleman is regarded as one of the all-time great bodybuilders. He won 8 titles in the world's largest and most prestigious bodybuilding championship, Mr. Olympia, as well as many other titles in other bodybuilding championships, such as the Arnold Classic.

Today, Ronnie Coleman is retired and, unfortunately, is facing health challenges. Ronnie Coleman risks exercising even while he is standing motionless; after all, he has always been driven by a passion for bodybuilding and bodybuilding.

And even in retirement, Ronnie is a person with such experience and who has a lot to teach us, after all, nobody wins the biggest bodybuilding championship 8 times by luck, right? So in this article, we'll know 8 of your most valuable workout tips!

Although Ronnie Coleman is known for his enormous stature and incredible power, the recommendations we'll go over here, which he signed, may be applied by men and women, whether they're new to the sport or not.

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

1- Use Dumbbells For Maximum Chest Development

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

Bone Bench Presses are the most basic exercise used in chest training. Whether tilted, declining, or straight, this is an essential exercise.

However, during the bench press the range of motion is much smaller, but wear and tear on the joints also occurs and this can become a negative 

factor in the long run.

To solve this problem, the use of dumbbells is much more interesting for the following reasons:

They allow greater ROM (range of motion);

The wear and tear on the joints is less;

There is less risk of accidents, especially when working with higher loads;

They improve body design, balance, and one-sided movements.

They are also useful if you have an injury, especially in the shoulders. Because it doesn't rob movement, it allows your body to coordinate the biomechanics of movement according to its standards.

Some people who are taller and have bigger arms prefer to use the dumbbells instead of the barbell because their movements will be used much better.

2- Don't Just Shrink To Develop Your Traps

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

Without a doubt, shrinking is a great movement for working the trapeze. However, their full development goes far beyond this exercise.

The trapezius is surrounded by other muscles, such as the dorsi, shoulder erectors, rhomboids, etc. So, to have a good development of the trapezius region, these muscles around you must first be worked.

This is because if these muscles are poorly worked, they can "steal" some of the narrowing motion, so less load goes to the trapezius.

So you can develop your trapezius satisfactorily by putting the muscles of deltoids (shoulders), dorsal (back), and rhomboids, for example.

You can use exercises, such as a high row, curved rows with bar or T-bar, low row with cables, inverted crucifix with cables, with dumbbells or on the machine, and the one-sided saw with dumbbells.

All of them will be effective in training the muscles around the trapezius and therefore the trapezius too!

3- Take Care of The Good Development of Your Back

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

The dorsals (backs) are fundamental muscle groups for both men and women. However, for full backbone development, you need to focus on them!

For that, adjusting the movements using the shoulder blades is the first step. No routine or training system will be effective if it is not done. Correct biomechanics is essential.

Also, don't worry about the load (weight). Indeed, the training of the dorsals allows great use of the load, but this load is not always intended for the work of these muscles (and they end up overloading the arms).

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning the use of basic movements, such as a horizontal bar, strokes (T-strokes, pronounced bent, supine bent), one-sided saw, and the good old deadlift.

You can and should use machines and cables, but always remember the steps mentioned above and be very careful with your backbones, both top, and bottom.

4- Dumbbells Can Make The Triceps Work Well

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

Typically, Ronnie Coleman included 1-3 dumbbell movements for the triceps. Indeed, he believes that the dumbbells can highlight the 3 different heads of the triceps (medium, long and lateral).

Therefore, the use of exercises, such as unilateral French triceps or Two-handed French triceps, unilateral or simultaneous recoil, among others, were essential to their training.

Coleman also added other important exercises, such as the mergulho (usually on a machine), pulley elbow extension or closed bench press, and forehead elbow extension (or front triceps).

Combined with the basics and the use of dumbbells, it is impossible not to develop good triceps.

5- Change The Training Intensity Mode

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

It is important to vary the types of stimuli in your training, as this is exactly what causes "confusion" in the muscular and neurological system, in addition to expanding its capacities related to strength, endurance, and performance. muscle development.

Therefore, you must change your workout from time to time, involving training aimed at core strength, maximum strength, and muscle hypertrophy. Also switch between workouts with varying amounts of exercise, sets, and reps.

It is worth betting on this method because when your muscles are subjected to only one type of stimulus, development is reduced, and the chances of injury occurring increase.

6- Make Supersets For The Lower Limbs

The legs and thighs involve many muscles of different lengths and in superficial and deep layers. This is why leg training is one of the most intense and demanding workouts.

One way to optimize the work of the lower limbs is to use supersets and, for this, the best combinations are the superset leg press with an isolated movement or the superset leg press with a compound movement.

Because they are both compound and multi-joint, they require large amounts of muscle and their entire length.

Therefore, we manage to use the squat, for example, in a bi-set with the extender chain, aiming in the second to better isolate the quadriceps.

However, using supersets shouldn't be too extensive, as you will be going through a large volume of training, which can adversely affect your results. Using one or at most 2 supersets for lower limb training will suffice.

7- Use Pressure Exercises For The Shoulders

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

There are no better exercises for building good shoulders than developing, either with dumbbells, with dumbbells, on the Smith Machine (guided bar), or machines.

Indeed, the development of the shoulder is compound, multi-articular, and extremely powerful. Of course, your training can and should be based on isolation exercises, such as elevations (side and front) yet the emphasis should be on pressure exercises.

It is important to perform these exercises not only in a heavy way but with full control over the weight (especially because it is very easy to injure your shoulder). Thus, the use of proper techniques, common sense, and attention is required.

8- There Is No Ideal Number Of Repetitions

8 Training Tips From Big Ronnie

Many people say that X number of reps is better for hypertrophy and Y number of reps is better for increasing strength etc. however, it doesn't make sense, after all, muscle can't count.

It will respond to requests for intensity. Whether you do 20, 15, or 10 reps, it doesn't matter, as long as you apply the intensity and the basics of time and muscle tension. So, forget the numbers!

Would you stop an exercise that gave you 10 reps and you could do 2 or 3 more? If so, forget it! You're doing it the wrong way! Always train to fail, no matter how many repetitions.


Knowing Ronnie Coleman's tips is essential to understand some factors that can optimize your workout and even correct flaws that we often ignore.

Therefore, always be aware and try to use them in the best possible way, always adapting them according to your individual needs.

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