5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

Buying a Gasp t-shirt isn't enough to have a V-shaped body and full, full arms. You still have to fill it in the right places.

So that the sleeve of this one perfectly molds the triceps and the biceps, it will be necessary to flesh them out with a few well-felt movements. Soon, just before summer, the sleeves will get shorter, and soon it will be the beach! You will no longer be able to hide your arms. So now is a perfect time.

 How to Gain Volume in The Arms?

Having big, muscular arms is the desire of a lot of boys who practice weight training in the gym. But let's not fall for the clichés, girls also aim to develop their arms.

In my opinion, working the arm muscles at the gym is very motivating! Especially since the results are visible and are a sign of a certain strength.

The Biceps Muscle

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

To have drawn and voluminous biceps, it is useless to work them too often! The biceps are called on during other exercises. This allows you to make small reminders during the week. For example during a back session.

But working the biceps is not enough to have big arms. Indeed, a large part of the volume of the arm is constituted not by the biceps, but by the triceps!

To have muscular and voluminous arms, it is then imperative to work the triceps and not to focus only on the biceps.

Whether with a simple bar, an EZ bar, a low pulley, or dumbbells, discover 5 effective and essential exercises to build your biceps.

Always keep in mind that bodybuilding and fitness are sports that require patience and persistence. You won't get titanic biceps in a snap. It will take time for you to build muscular biceps and especially rigor!

5 Essential Biceps Exercises in Bodybuilding

Biceps Barbell Curl

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

The bar curl is one of the basic strength training exercises for building and building biceps. It uses the biceps brachialis, the anterior brachialis as well as the long supinator.

The mistake that we can often see with this exercise among weight lifters is that they often cheat while performing the movement. This includes helping each other with momentum and leaning their torso forward to give a little boost to their lower back.

To perform this exercise well, it is imperative to stay still to work the biceps properly. You can also do the pulley curl with a bar.

Performing The Barbell Curl

The starting position is standing, with the back straight and the knees slightly bent.

Staying still and sheathed, raise and lower the bar slowly, without jerking, and with proper control of your movement.

Vary the grip and spread of your hands as desired: tight grip, wide grip, or medium grip.

The Dumbbell Curl

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

The dumbbell curl, the exercise of choice for bodybuilders, allows you to work and target the biceps. This movement involves the biceps brachii, as well as the long supinator but also the anterior brachialis.

This exercise is performed in "supination", that is to say by placing the palm towards you while performing a rotation of the wrist during the movement. This puts more strain on the biceps brachii.

Performing The Dumbbell Curl

For your starting position, your back should be snug against the weight bench. Your arms should run along your sides and your feet should be placed flat on the ground. You can also do this standing exercise, which is what I do. In this situation, slightly bend your knees.

Then bring your dumbbell up to shoulder level using only your bicep strength. Be careful that your elbows do not stray forward or backward.

Above all, do not gain momentum to lift your dumbbell: Stay upright by sheathing the various parts of the upper body such as the abs so that only your forearms move. Elbow flexion is important in this movement.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

The king exercise to help you build big arms is of course the hammer curl. This bicep exercise works the width of your arms and gives them volume. It also helps to work the brachioradialis, a muscle of the forearms.

The difference between the basic curl and the hammer grip curl is that the traditional curl is done with the palms of the hand facing upwards while the hammer grip curl is done with the palms of the hands facing inward while throughout the movement.

Performing The Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Adopt a well-sheathed posture with your back straight, holding a dumbbell in each of your hands. Keep your arms aligned to your body with the palms facing inward.

Then raise the dumbbell to your shoulder level, contracting your biceps and staying still. You should only move your forearms so that you can feel only your biceps.

Finally, slowly release and lower the dumbbells to their initial position, taking care to control your movement.

Preacher Curl

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

The Preacher Curl is a very effective bicep isolation exercise. It works the long portion of the biceps and creates the peak of the biceps which gives more volume to your arms.

The Preacher Curl can be done using dumbbells, but also with the pulley or with an EZ bar or a simple bar. You can perform this exercise on a curl stand, but if your room does not have one or it is not free, you can very well use a bench in an incline position.

Performing The Preacher Curl

Rest your arm (s) on the desk, keeping your torso firmly pressed against it, and turn the palms of your hands forward, grasping your dumbbell or barbell with both hands.

Simply bend your elbows while keeping your arms firmly on the desk and staying well sheathed.

Remember to inhale on the descent of your or your arm. Be careful not to fully extend your elbows at the bottom of the movement. This can put your biceps in a weak position and cause an injury.

The Inclined Curl

5 Best Exercises to Build Muscle and Have Big Biceps

The Incline Curl is an Exo that also works the biceps and is performed with an incline bench. The advantage of this strength training exercise is that it is practiced while sitting.

This makes it harder to cheat by using your back to lift the dumbbells.

The incline also helps to work the outer part of the bicep more effectively, which is beneficial in developing and building up the biceps.

Performing The Incline Curl

To perform this Exo, tilt your weight bench to 45 degrees. Sit on the bench in a seated position and hold a dumbbell in each hand.

Keep your back propped up with your head slightly raised. Keep your feet firmly on the ground. Supine your hands while bending your elbows and lift your dumbbells toward your shoulder until you get your bicep contraction to the max.

Then lower your dumbbells while controlling your movement. Do not straighten your arms completely at the bottom of the movement, this will put your biceps in a weak position and risk injury.

Be careful that it is only your forearms that move: The shoulders must be locked as well as the elbows. Stay tight throughout the exercise.

These are my favorite biceps exercises for my weight training!

I do an arm bicep/tricep session once a week. I do three biceps exercises and three triceps exercises for a total of 6 exercises for my arm workout. For my purposes, that is more than enough for me.

Usually, I do sets of 10-12 reps. But this figure will of course vary depending on your goals.

In any case, focus on your muscle to contract it well, and do not hesitate during your weight training sessions to add weight to each set if it is too easy. This will maximize your sensations and help you progress better. While keeping a clean movement of course!

This list is not exhaustive, other effective exercises exist to work the biceps such as the inverted curl with your wrists in pronation or the concentration curl, etc.

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