5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

Perform a biceps curl if you want big arms. It's time to incorporate additional curl variants into your upper body routine if you desire even bigger arms. Your biceps brachii, which is the name given to the big, thick muscle on the ventral side of your upper arm, responds best to a variety of strengthening activities.

You can target your arms from new angles while highlighting certain muscles in your arms by making little adjustments—something as basic as adjusting the wrist position or source of resistance. That results in increased growth and strength over time.

Here are 5 various strategies to quickly build stronger biceps, ranging from drag curls and barbell curls to efficient biceps practice with resistance bands. Include these biceps exercises in your arm workouts, and don't be shocked if the next day you experience a different kind of stiffness.

Best Bicep Curl Variations For Bigger Arms

Barbell Curl

5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

Keep your upper body still as you curl the weight toward your chest to prevent swinging or converting these curls into cheats. The goal is to make the biceps carry the full weight burden. When trying to strengthen your biceps, this is the traditional exercise to use. When you first begin, use a neutral grip; as you advance, alter your grips frequently from wider to more narrow.

These are also known as—you guessed it—EZ-bar curls—and can be carried out with an EZ bar. Which section of the biceps you work depends on where you grip in both variations. It's an inverted property. An outside grip works the inside of the grip, and a grip inside works the outside of the biceps. Make your biceps more defined or uniform by using an EZ curl bar.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

Your arms should be hanging down toward the floor while you incline a bench to a 45-degree inclination. You won't be able to employ momentum if you keep your back flat on the bench. Keep your arms tight to your body as you curl toward the shoulder. As you curl, allowing your arms to flare outwards engages more shoulder muscles and increases the risk of injury.

Hammer Curl

5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

Hammer curls indirectly engage the brachioradialis while simultaneously focusing on the short head. You can start with a neutral hold, with your palms facing each other, and then move the dumbbell across your body to the opposite shoulder. Be cautious with the amount of weight you utilize during this workout. Your wrist is easily injured if you go too heavy.

Concentration Curl

5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

This solitary curl, which may be completed either while standing or sitting, should be done deliberately slowly, and carefully. To give your curl all of your energy, we recommend performing them while seated. Take two seconds for the concentric portion of the lift and four seconds for the eccentric phase while pressing your elbow into your knee. Your goal is to develop your biceps peak, not to accomplish quick reps and burn calories.

EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

5 Best Bicep Curl Variations to Build Muscle

Pronated-grip the EZ bar and elevate it until your forearms are vertical. Reverse curls are frequently referred to as forearm curls since they impact a significant portion of the brachioradialis. They'll also aid with biceps development on the outside.

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