8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

I salute everyone who has the resolve and works ethic to persist in their training since becoming in shape involves a lot of willpower and perseverance. I also have a lot of admiration for anyone who is making an effort to improve their life and beginning the process of obtaining their fitness objectives. You'll see benefits if you exercise frequently, get enough rest, and eat well. Having stated that, there are sensible approaches to taking and possibly risky ones. I see far too many folks who rush into their workouts without any preparation and who are either too proud or shy to seek some guidance. This is why many people have been performing some of the most popular and widely used exercises incorrectly for years without ever realizing it, or at least until a foreseeable injury prohibits them from exercising.

I should also mention that anyone who engages in severe exercise should research healthy eating habits and the essential supplements that will help them focus and provide them with the energy they need to get the most out of their activity. The greatest pre-workout supplements are the comparatively inexpensive, tried-and-true basics that, when combined with a varied diet, proper technique, stretching, and enough sleep, can help you stay healthy and prevent injuries. Therefore, continue reading if you want to master proper form and build as much strength and muscle as you can without getting hurt.

5 Exercises People Have Been Doing Wrong

1. Lunges

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

Lunges are a great resistance workout for building stronger quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves in your lower body. However, it's possible to err when performing this ostensibly straightforward practice.


Although lunges aid in balance improvement, they are not balancing exercises. It's incorrect to attempt to perform them by placing one foot directly in front of the other in a straight line as if you were walking on a tightrope. For each lunge, you should space your feet just behind hip-width apart.

Another error that people frequently commit is to lunge while taking tiny steps. You don't want your feet to form a triangular shape between your legs if they are too close together. When you are in a lunge position, the space between your legs should ideally form a rectangle.

Your knee should never touch the ground while lunging. If it does occasionally, that's fine, but if you always do things this way, you need to adjust your methods. This activity releases stress from your legs while also potentially damaging your knees.

2. Dumbbell and Barbell Chest Press

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

The chest press workout is a fantastic way to increase your strength and improve your chest muscles. However, if done incorrectly, they may be harmful.


Many exercise enthusiasts make the error of keeping their elbows very close to one another. By doing this, you are moving the strain from your chest to the front of your shoulder and your triceps.

Another error is to extend your elbows too much. A lot of needless pressure will be placed on your shoulders and rotator cuffs when your elbows are flared out too far.

You should avoid arching your back excessively when performing these presses. You simply need to pull your shoulder blades back and keep your spine's natural lumbar curve; nothing more, nothing less.

Keep in mind that the weight should never fall squarely on your shoulders. The weight should always be in line with your shoulders at the finish of the exercise.

3. Cable Flys

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

The pushing muscles of the body, such as the chest, triceps, and shoulders, can be strengthened with cable flys. This exercise must be a part of your training routine if you want to bulk up your chest muscles.


People frequently have a tendency to bring their arms too far back, which increases the possibility of hyperextension and shoulder injury. You should stop lowering the weight so that it is parallel to your chest.

Beginners frequently make the error of performing the exercise with their elbows locked. As a result, the chest should not be under as much tension, which also puts a lot of strain on the elbows.

4. Bent Over Barbell Row

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

Depending on which of its numerous variations you choose to practice, bent-over barbell rows are a fantastic weight training exercise that targets a range of back muscles. Both strength and size can be increased through this exercise.


When performing this exercise, bending the spine outward is a relatively common error. To retain the natural lumbar curve, you should pull your shoulder blades back and bend your spine downward.

Another error that individuals frequently do is pulling the barbell up with their hands when they should be doing so with their elbows.

5. Cable Tricep Extensions

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

By extending your arms in front of you, the cable tricep extension exercise targets the tricep muscles. If you want to have sculpted triceps, try this exercise. But performing it incorrectly can squander a significant amount of your work and even result in damage.


People sometimes perform this exercise without locking their elbows in place, which causes them to engage their lats instead of the triceps, which greatly reduces its effectiveness.

Another error we frequently observe is when people perform this exercise with their bodies straight. Instead, lean slightly forward to achieve the complete range of motion and effectively work your triceps.

6. Dips on Parallel Bars

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

Dips on parallel bars should be on your exercise menu if you want to work your biceps, arms, chest, shoulders, and abs. But if you perform things incorrectly, your hard effort will be for nothing.


People frequently perform half repetitions because they lack the triceps power to lower themselves all the way and then rise back up. Never carry out this action. Before attempting to conduct dips on a parallel bar, perform workouts to strengthen your triceps if you lack that muscle.

While performing this exercise, some people go too low, which is also not advised. You'll be overworking your shoulders if you lower yourself below parallel with the ground.

Many people also make an effort to perform these dips with their upper body vertical. Even if you're just attempting to focus on your triceps, you'll do much better if you lean forward during this exercise, putting your chest in front of your hips.

7. Lat Pulldown

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

The lateral pulldown also referred to as the lat pulldown in popular culture, is a compound exercise that strengthens the back muscles. However, if you want to gain from it, you have to do it correctly.


The most frequent error made when completing this exercise is excessive back swinging while pulling the bar toward the chest. This swinging poses a risk for back injuries.
Instead, place yourself just beneath the bar to stop this swinging.

Additionally, avoid lowering the bar too far. Bring the bar as close to your chin as possible or until it reaches your upper chest to perform this exercise properly.

Also, take in mind not to keep your elbows touching. When the bar reaches your chin or upper chest level, stop pretending to try to bring your elbows behind your back.

8. Skull Crushers

8 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong at The Gym

A strength-training exercise called skull crushers works for the entire triceps muscle group in the upper arm.


Avoid being one of the individuals that stick out their elbows. While performing this exercise, your elbows should remain close together. Because you are improperly targeting your triceps by maintaining a wide angle between your elbows.

When performing this exercise, keep in mind that your back shouldn't curve excessively. The natural lumbar curvature must be maintained, and you must not add any extra curve to it. You must pull your shoulder blades back and preserve this curve.

Another common error is to lower the weight while raising the bar back and above the head. The weight should ideally land on your forehead. Otherwise, why are they called "skull crushers"?

Have you recently realized that you've been exercising incorrectly? Tell us in the comments section below. Additionally, if you've ever made a mistake while exercising, please share your story with us.

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