Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

Do you want to bulk up your chest without relying on gimmick workouts and wacky workout routines? You've come to the right place. We've got five basic but incredibly efficient exercises for building those massive muscle slabs where your man-boobs are — or were, ideally. Here's the greatest mass-building chest workout from back in the day.

But what exactly do we mean when we say "simple"? What we're talking about are activities that everyone knows how to do but rarely accomplishes well.

The pectoral muscles, you see, aren't overly sophisticated; they contract when you push things away from your body. So, why would you do dozens of workouts to achieve the same contraction?

Especially when the fundamentals are more than sufficient to complete the task. Isn't that correct? So, let's get right into it and get back to the basics.

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

Exercise 1: Barbell Bench Press

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

The bench press is the grandfather of all chest workouts. This is the one workout that even people who don't attend the gym can do. They think they do, at least.

It takes a lot more than just lying down and pulling the bar away from you to do a proper bench press; you need the perfect technique, which most guys never master.

You'll be more likely to get hurt, have a lower chance of gaining muscle, and won't be able to move as much weight if you don't use proper technique.

As a result, learning how to properly do the exercise before attempting to lift any major weight is critical. Try not to do any of these stupid things.

Don't go right into a set of heavy bench presses after learning proper form; first, complete a few warm-up sets to get your blood pumping. This warm-up will get your blood flowing and your muscles ready for working sets.

Using just the bar, perform two sets of 15 reps.It's time to move into the real working sets now that you've warmed up and are ready to begin. However, it should be emphasized that for many men, the normal bench press with basic rep ranges does not adequately work the pecs. To get the most out of your flat bench press, try doing it in a pyramid pattern to thoroughly exhaust your pecs.

Exercise 2: Incline Barbell Bench Press

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

You can't skip the incline barbell bench press if you want to bulk up your chest. Your chest muscles will be too tired to go hard on this exercise after destroying yourself on the last pyramid set. But, once again, it's critical to learn how to do things properly.

Choose a weight for these sets that is 70% of what you would ordinarily lift on this movement. Five sets of six to eight reps will be performed with two-minute rest periods in between. Here's what you should be looking for during this exercise:

- Maintain proper form throughout the lift
- Explode upward on the concentric (pushing) part of the lift
- Squeeze your pecs as hard as you can for a few seconds at the top of the lift
- Focus on taking it slow on the eccentric (lowering) part of the movement

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Flyes

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

Because they allow you to use a larger range of motion, flies are an extremely effective chest workout. Instead of just doing an up-and-down movement, you can extend your pecs on the way down and then compress them considerably harder at the peak of the lift.

This is ideal for strengthening the shoulders, rhomboids, and biceps stabilizer muscles, as well as improving chest definition. All of this contributes to an increase in overall strength.

So, for this workout, you'll need to do five sets of eight to twelve reps, resting for two minutes between each set. Remember, form is everything when it comes to maximizing your gains.

Exercise 4: Close-Grip Bench Press

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

By this stage in the workout, your chest should be completely shredded. This is why you'll be returning to the bench.

The triceps and inner chest are primarily worked in the close-grip bench press. Because your triceps take the bulk of the effort, even if your pecs are burned out, you can still push some solid weight.

Make sure you choose a weight that you can carry while maintaining the perfect technique for this exercise. In total, you'll execute five sets of six to eight reps.

Take a two-minute pause between sets once again. Reduce the weight and try again if your form starts to break down before you finish one. After the final rep, your arms will most likely feel like floppy noodles.

Exercise 5: Cable Flyes

Old-School Chest Workout For Mass and Strength

To finish off this workout, you'll do the only chest exercise you're probably capable of at this time. There are three reasons why this workout ends with the cable fly rather than the dumbbell fly:

1- It’s easier to handle when your muscles are extremely fatigued
2- It keeps constant tension on your chest throughout the lift, so you don’t have to go as heavy
3- You can hit different parts of the chest by adjusting the height and changing the angles of the pulleys

This exercise should thoroughly burn out your chest muscles as a finisher. You'll be doing drop sets on this exercise to get the most out of it.

So, perform 12 reps, then drop the weight and perform another 12 reps. Take a 90-second rest, then repeat the two previous sets — giving you a total of 48 reps.

Nutrition and Supplements for Success

Bro, You can't merely drive yourself through your workouts. You'll need to get your diet and supplementation in order if you want to create a chest loaded with lean muscle mass.

Working hard, consuming enough protein, and having healthy testosterone levels soaring through the ceiling are three things that no man on the earth can do to grow muscle.

As a result, make sure you obtain your 1.4–2.0 g of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. Any less falls below the amount recommended by the International Society of Sports Nutrition for muscle maintenance and growth.

Plus, you've got to keep those androgens in check. Testosterone is essential for the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass. It's what makes us alpha guys in the first place, after all. A high-quality testosterone supplement can help keep your manly hormones running smoothly. It's completely risk-free, well tested, and proved to work. Anything with proprietary blends should be avoided; if they won't declare it, you shouldn't take it.

Finally, Strong Muscle recommends starting your workouts with a high-quality pre-workout supplement. Training sessions can be quite taxing on the body, but those like the one described above are guaranteed to produce results. Even the most difficult routines become achievable with a decent pre-workout. We always choose one with all-natural ingredients and a high concentration of creatine microdose. There's also no nefarious proprietary mixture to be found.

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