Lazar Angelov: The World's Most Famous Fitness Model

Lazar Angelov The World's Most famous Fitness Model

Have you ever heard of Lazar Angelov? A personality of great influence in the world of bodybuilding, he is one of the most famous stars in fitness. This, thanks to his dream body and his perfectly drawn silhouette. While this young model is now over 35 years old, that doesn't mean his body has lost its vigor. He is an iconic figure for many people. With over 14 million likes on his Facebook page and followed by an estimated 5.4 million followers on Instagram, the ex-basketball player has what it takes to woo. To get to know this Olympian better, discover his career from an early age, his motivations, and his recommendations in the field of bodybuilding.

Lazar Angelov: The World's Most Famous Fitness Model

Lazar Angelov Since His Beginnings

Lazar Angelov: The World's Most famous Fitness Model

Lazar Angelov was born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, on September 22, 1984. He is 1.80 m tall and weighs almost 90 kg, a weight that is often subject to certain fluctuations. As a child, he enjoyed action movies and practiced martial arts. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee are his favorite heroes. He had always wanted to be like them. In his early days, Lazar didn’t immediately enter the bodybuilding world. For 10 years he was indeed part of a top basketball team and was in the Bulgarian junior national team when he was barely 16 years old. In 2002, he joined the army to stay there for a year and a half. It was during this time that he discovered his vocation in bodybuilding. Then he received a certificate from the National Sports Academy to practice as a personal trainer. He then begins to assist people to help them achieve their athletic and physical goals. It was in 2006, following a knee injury, that he quit basketball to convert to weight training.

Lazar Angelov sports a massive and athletic body, showing off his muscles. While he is a professional trainer, he has also been a model. Unfortunately, in 2015, he injured his elbow and another knee and unfortunately had to stop weight training temporarily, until he could recover from his injuries. That didn't stop him from pursuing his passion, however. Typically, he is used to exercising using heavyweights, and performs between 8 to 12 sets of exercises, to work all of his muscle fibers. It gave him the perfect abs. In short, despite his multiple injuries, Lazar Angelov has always managed to recover to continue to maintain his body so popular with his countless fans. He has indeed the determination to spare and his motivation has never failed him. Today, he has several million followers on social media and bodybuilding forums.

A Brief Moment of Bewilderment

At a certain point in his life, Lazar Angelov had a few dark moments. He suffered a debilitating injury, which required surgery. This left him unable to train for many months. Lazar says he went through a period of depression. Fortunately, it only lasted a short time, because immediately he recovered and quickly regained his strength and physique as a top athlete. This testimony shows how Lazar showed perseverance to make his dreams come true.

A Massive Training Program

Lazar Angelov: The World's Most famous Fitness Model

After his stay in the army and his injuries, Lazar Angelov quickly recovered from his injuries, then set up a training program, which mainly consists of lifting weights, without going through the testosterone boosters box like others. He previously participated in fitness activities before he distinguished himself in the competitive world. To this day, his strength training program is followed by millions of people across the globe, from social media, like Instagram or Facebook. This is particularly how he gained a reputation for becoming an undeniable icon among bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Lazar Angelov goes through an intensive program that keeps him in shape and builds the muscles that are steel and built like they need to be. His abs are proportioned through targeted exercises. He classifies his morphotype in the category of ectomorphs and mesomorphs, as his metabolism allows him to gain muscle as well as lose it in no time. It is for this reason that he eats every two hours, so as not to enter a state of muscle catabolism.

Cardio, an Exercise He Avoids

As part of his workouts, he avoids cardio exercises because he believes it may reduce his muscle mass, knowing that his metabolism can ingest a significant amount of calories. According to him, he can present a fat rate of 10% and then 40% without any difficulty. For people who are struggling to lose fat or gain muscle mass, he advises them to take dietary supplements that can increase the basic metabolism and thus encourage the body to burn more calories. This in turn helps reduce fat levels and increase muscle mass.

Angelov and The Special abdominal program

Lazar Angelov: The World's Most famous Fitness Model

Lazar Angelov adopts a very strict special abdominal program. Which gave him the possibility of enjoying a perfectly rounded torso. Over a week, he does three sit-ups, the first, third, and fifth day. The exercises are intense and performed regularly. The sessions follow a specific training plan, accompanied by an appropriate diet, to successfully shape the abdominal strap as desired. If you do not follow a specific training technique, supported by specific nutrition, you will not be able to progress.

The Program For All Muscles

Lazar Angelov has a program dedicated to the pectorals, the shoulders, in short to each muscle group. Its program includes a weekly cycle of 5 sessions, alternated with 3 sessions specially dedicated to the abdominals. He says the ideal way to build muscle is to stay motivated at all costs and to set goals and make sure they are achieved. Between training sessions, he only gets 2 to 4 days of recovery per month.

Summary of The Weekly Program

Over a week, Lazar Angelov practices several exercises. The first day is dedicated to the pectorals and abdominals. On the second day, he performs back, trapezius, and forearm exercises. He also devotes the third day to a series of abdominal and shoulder exercises. As for the fourth day, he continues with the forearms, biceps, and triceps. On the fifth day, he reworked his abs, but also his thighs.

An Indisputable Example To Follow

Today Lazar Angelov is 36 years old and still in excellent shape. This is the result of many years of hard work. He has lifted weights since he was a teenager. He thus has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of bodybuilding. If you've seen him ten years ago, when he was 20, he still didn’t show off his current physique. But overnight, its form changed dramatically. He gained muscle and lost fat. His stomach has grown muscular. He repeats it over and over again, his physique is the result of intense and regular training, and a suitable diet. All of this allowed him to become a big name in bodybuilding.

Lazar Angelov's Drastic Food Planning

In addition to his exercises, Lazar Angelov, therefore, follows a specific diet, usually organized on a cycle of one week. Overall, it alternates between rice and chicken and other food products such as oatmeal, egg whites, tuna salad. He takes a few dietary supplements to fill in certain gaps and keep a good pace during his workouts.

Some Practical Tips To Finish

To help you achieve your bodybuilding exercises, Lazar Angelov gives you some essential advice to help you move forward with his program. First, if you are new to it and have no idea what to do, seek professional help. Otherwise, you risk certain problems in your body. Also, never follow the recommendations of an inexperienced person and do not exceed two hours of exercise per session. In addition, meals should be taken at constant intervals and divided into at least 5 doses. To have well-trimmed abs, know that a good diet is fundamental. Be patient, as the results will not be visible immediately. Establish and respect self-discipline no matter what. On the other hand, stay focused on your goals, never lose sight of them. Always be motivated. If you follow these tips and perform your exercises regularly, you will be able to have an imposing figure like that of Lazar Angelov!

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