Fitness Exercises for Beginners

Fitness Exercises for Beginners

Fitness exercises for beginners, today we will talk about the most important fitness exercises for beginners, as physical fitness is one of the most important things that every person looks for, and it also makes the body flexible and has a wonderful flow, and these exercises strengthen the muscles of the body, so we will talk about More fitness exercises through this article.

Fitness Exercises for Beginners

Fitness exercises are one of the most important exercises, as they include many exercises that help strengthen the body, in addition to giving it energy and vitality, as well as helping to reduce any muscle contractions, including gymnastics, lunges, and cobra exercises.

The Most Important Fitness Exercises For Beginners


Superman Exercises

Fitness Exercises for Beginners

Superman exercises are one of the fitness exercises through which the shoulder muscles are flexible, as well as the thighs, buttocks, and back muscles, and it is as follows:

The person is lying on the floor with the stomach.

Place the hand in front with the shoulders resting and the legs extended and the instep extended with the feet.

Exhale as you contract the abdominal muscles to stabilize the spine.

The feet are raised off the ground and the arms are also raised.

Take care to maintain the position of the head without the back is bent.

Repeat this exercise 20 times.


Squat Exercises

Fitness Exercises for Beginners

The squatting exercise is one of the most important exercises that contribute to the elimination of cellulite, through which the person sits straight and this helps to stretch the muscles, and this helps them to pump blood to all parts of the body and this helps improve human health.

These exercises also help the blood circulation to be active, and this helps the oxygen to reach the organs of the body and makes them more vital, and the person who regularly performs these exercises will get rid of any stretching in the body.

Stand with feet open, toes bent outward, and chest taut upwards while tightening the abdominal muscles.

The body is focused with the heel of the foot and the thighs are brought out and back.

Sitting in a squatting position, the balance between the thighs must be taken into account, and the chest must be taut up, and the scroll must be repeated 10 times a day.


Best Fitness Exercises For Beginners


Cobra Exercises

Fitness Exercises for Beginners

This type of exercise makes the body more flexible, in addition to being able to improve the mood of the individual in addition to stimulating blood circulation, and it is done as follows:

Lay a rug on the floor. Lie on the floor with your stomach. Lower your head.

Put your hands on the rib cage.

Press your feet to the floor.

Press with both hands and lift your chest off the floor.

This exercise should be repeated 20 times.


Lunges Exercises

Fitness Exercises for Beginners

Lunges exercise helps to attract any sagging muscles of the body, as it works to strengthen them, in addition to improving the appearance of the body while tightening the skin, and this exercise is practiced by many men of all bodies, and it is one of the important exercises in the centers of fitness, as follows:

This exercise works the leg muscles through jogging, and it also makes the person feel some effort, as it helps to take care of the area and strengthen it in order to withstand the effort, in addition to contributing to the calf exercises.

These exercises improve the shape of the body, as they strengthen the muscles of the foot.


Gymnastics Exercises

Gymnastics has been a well-known form of exercise for many years.

Gymnastics combines dexterity, flexibility, and speed, and gymnastics exercises that are specific to women differ from males.

Gymnastics exercises are divided into general gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline, artistic gymnastics, and these exercises are for males and females, while rhythmic gymnastics is for females only.


Fitness Exercises Schedule For Beginners At Home


The first stage:

Stomach Tightening Exercise:

The back is lying on the ground, with the feet extended forward, and the hand is stretched up, next to the head, and the feet are raised with the hand up, and then return to the first position, and the movement of the exercise must be slow and the exercise is repeated 20 times.

Knees With Chest Exercise:

This exercise is done by placing the feet in a cable with wheels and placing the shoulders on the ground and the hand well extended, in order to lean on it. The exercise is by bending the knees with the chest, and this exercise is repeated more than once.

The Jump Exercise:

These exercises are through 3 rounds, the first round by standing and keeping the feet away from each other with a distance, then sitting on the chair, but the back must be straight, and the hand is placed in front of the chest at the beginning of sitting, and when standing, the hand is placed behind thighs, and this stage is done slowly.

The Second Phase:

When standing, the legs are kept at a certain distance, then sit in a chair and place the hand in front of the chest, and it is necessary to stand up quickly, and the hand is at the back of the thigh.

Third Level:

This exercise is applied by carrying weights that are simple or suitable for the muscular strength of the individual, and this stage is done by sitting on the chair while carrying the weights by hand while it is in front of the chest, then jumping quickly and the weights become on both sides of the feet, and these exercises must be repeated 10 times.

How to Inflate Arm Muscles in 24 hours?

There are a number of steps that must be followed in order to inflate the arm muscles in just one day, which are as follows:

Pay attention to eating foods that contain the right amount of protein.

Which amounts to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight on a daily basis.

Eat an appropriate amount of carbohydrates on a daily basis.

Focus on eating foods that provide 800 calories per day.

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