5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

If you want to show off an athletic and attractive body, trap exercises are a must. When properly toned, this muscle is one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

While it is true that many exercises work the traps in conjunction with other muscles, training them in isolation is highly recommended if you intend to tone them in the best possible way. That is why in this article we have put together the five best exercises for traps so that you can train this muscle to optimally strengthen and tone it.

The Best Exercises For Traps

The Anatomy Of Traps

Before showing you the top five trap exercises, you need to be clear about what this muscle is and what its function is. It is stated to be placed between the middle of the back and the shoulders in this regard.

As with other muscles, it is divided into several different parts, each with a specific function. One of the parties is responsible for turning the head; another, from the elevation of the shoulder and the remaining part, from the scapular rotation.

Beyond its functions, the trapezius is a muscle that greatly affects our physical appearance, as it can expand the upper part of our body. Many bodybuilders pay special attention to this muscle for this reason.

1. Farmers' Walk

5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

While the farmer's walk is primarily used as an exercise for the forearms, it also influences core strengthening and, as you can guess, the pitfalls. The main advantage of this exercise is that it is very easy to do, so you can do it even at home if you have the necessary equipment.

To do the farmer's walk, you need to lift two dumbbells with a considerable load, keep them parallel on either side of your body, and walk with them around where you are doing the exercise.

To measure your progress, you will need to count the number of meters you walk or the duration of the run, so that you can increase the duration or distance as you progress with the exercise.

2. Barbell Shrugs

5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

Shrugs are called the best trap exercise for massive gains. It comes with barbell and dumbbell variations. Barbell shrugs work the muscles in your traps, shoulders, and upper back. It's also responsible for increasing your muscle strength.

this exercise focuses on Traps and Rhomboids, making it an ideal finisher. Don't go too heavy on this exercise. Hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing you, hold the bar. Keep your shoulder blades together. Stretch down, and squeeze up.

3. Military Press

5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

Also known as overhead press is a popular exercise for training shoulders and traps. Moreover, if you do it while standing, it will also help strengthen your core.

To do this exercise, you must support the bar on your shoulders after passing it in front of your head. You need to make sure you catch it with a grip equal to your shoulder-width apart.

Later, you will have to push the bar in a straight line, so that it is over your head. When you reach the highest point, you will need to push your torso forward a bit, as this will help you maintain a straight line between your hands and feet.

4. Deadlift

5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

The deadlift has always stood out for being a very comprehensive exercise, as it trains a wide range of muscle groups, including traps.

It is recommended that to further stimulate the traps while doing this exercise, you last a few extra seconds during the eccentric phase, that is, when you are fully stretched.

To do this exercise for the traps, you need to bend your legs and grab the barbell while keeping your back straight. You want to make sure the grip is slightly beyond your shoulder width.

Later, you will need to use the force with your legs to stretch, being careful not to strain your back, until you can fully stretch.

5. Prone Incline Dumbbell Shrug

5 Best Trap Exercises to Improve and Tone Muscle

Depending on the angle of the slope, this solitary exercise targets your upper or middle trapezius. If you do it at 45 degrees, as shown, you'll primarily target your upper trapezius, with your middle trapezius and levator scapulae acting as synergists. If the angle is 30 degrees, you should focus more on your middle trapezius.

To increase the thickness of your upper and middle trapezius, do a prone incline dumbbell shrug.

Lay prone (facing forward) on an inclined bench with a pair of dumbbells and let them dangle perpendicular to the floor. Pull your shoulders up parallel to the floor, keeping your elbows straight or slightly bent. Squeeze and hold your trapezius. Return to the starting posture by lowering your shoulders. Repeat. Exhale as you shrug and inhale as you lower the dumbbells. 

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