20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Proteins play an essential role in the diet. To lose weight or to gain muscle, they are at the center of your physical health.

Protein is very important in the diet. In bodybuilding. their place is even more central. you have to adapt the amount of protein to your goals.

To build more muscle, it will necessarily go through higher consumption of protein, without falling into overconsumption and its risks. Because they are essential for building muscle!

Proteins are an essential part of the diet of all athletes who want to progress in bodybuilding. They help maintain and strengthen the muscle development for which we put so much effort!

To adapt your diet properly, here for 100g of product, here are the 20 foods rich in protein that every athlete must include in their meals!

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Meats Rich in Protein

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Minced Steak - 25 g

Consuming only 5% fat, ground beef is probably the best way to eat steak without ruining your food efforts: for 1 g of protein, you only consume 7 calories!

Chicken and Turkey Breasts - 24 g

To build muscle, chicken and turkey breasts are known to all athletes and bodybuilders! High in protein and low in fat, that's exactly what we're looking for!

Pork Chop - 26 g

A more original way to provide protein while having fun! We don't think about it often, but pork chop is also a good source of protein to progress in bodybuilding!

Roast Beef - 28 g

Another way to enjoy your meal while getting plenty of protein! Roast beef is always quality meat that is pleasant on the palate, as long as it is chosen out of the lower price boxes!

Fish Rich in Protein

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Yellowfin Tuna - 25 g

With its generally fairly low price, a yellowfin tuna is a good option for consuming fish while paying attention to its protein intake during the day. Small non-negligible bonus: it is also rich in vitamin B!

Tilapia - 26 g

Less known than tuna, and quite rare among fishmongers, tilapia is a fish that also contains a lot of protein. So don't hesitate to look for it in the frozen products section, where it will not have lost any of its nutritional qualities!

Octopus - 25 g

Want originality? Octopus is the ideal solution! With the same protein content as yellowfin tuna, it allows you to prepare a different meal while enjoying its effects on muscle building!

Wild Salmon - 25 g

Preferred over captive-bred salmon which has lost 25% of protein, wild salmon also often tastes better! It also contains just as many omegala 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids to take care of your heart!

Canned Foods Rich in Protein

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Tuna in Brine - 25 g

For reasons of calorie consumption, we avoid tuna in oil! On the other hand, tuna in brine is a very good preserve rich in protein which can be prepared in many ways!

Anchovies - 25 g

Canned anchovies are another great source of protein for building muscle. When you're not a fan of their overly salty taste, however, there is a solution: soak them in water for 30 minutes before eating!

Sardines - 24 g

Like anchovies, canned sardines are sometimes off-putting even though they are an excellent protein source for progress in bodybuilding! They also contain a lot of good quality lipids so we don't hesitate!

Lentils - 12 g

Protein, fiber, minerals ... lentils often have a bad reputation, but in terms of nutritional value, they are ideal. To be preferred when you stay comfortably at home!

Dairy or Animal Products Rich in Protein

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Emmental - 28 g

Of all the dairy products, Emmental is probably the one with the most protein! So don't hesitate to indulge yourself from time to time with a piece of cheese!

Cottage Cheese - 7.5 g

Also very well known to athletes, cottage cheese also has the advantage of being inexpensive! Source of protein and casein, it easily finds its place in the evening to optimize muscle growth throughout the day.

Milk - 3 g

While we do not recommend drinking milk directly, it is still a good source of protein when using it for cooking, when making pancakes, or protein cakes, for example!

Eggs - 12 g

We obviously couldn't forget the eggs! Rich in protein and even in amino acids, they are very useful for building muscle and progressing in bodybuilding!

Natural or Vegan Products Rich in Protein

20 Foods Rich in Protein to Help You Gain Muscle

Almonds - 20 g

Preferably unsalted, almonds are a nice way to add a little more protein to your diet. The crispy sensation they provide is perfect for feeling like you're not always eating the same foods!

Tofu - 12 g

To build muscle and progress in bodybuilding when you are not eating meat, tofu is ideal! It perfectly replaces meat in protein intake when following a vegan diet.

Quinoa - 14 g

Often associated with tofu in vegan diets, it must be said that quinoa is the only grain to provide the body with all the essential amino acids. So when it comes to building muscle, don't hesitate!

Peanut Butter - 25 g

Much less healthy than the other foods presented in this section (especially because of its high concentration of lipids), peanut butter is an excellent natural source of protein. So from time to time, we can have fun!

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